Media Advisories 2017 - 2015

21 Feb 2017

The Department of Arts and Culture in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of Gabon will host the first Cultural Seasons in Libreville, Gabon from 09 to 17 March 2017. The programme is aimed at showcasing South Africa’s artistic talent, strengthen people-to-people relations and open new paths for expanded trade between the two countries.

17 Feb 2017

Not content only to focus on her own artistic output which was considerable, she worked with traditional crafters for many years and devoted many years to bringing artists to the market and taking the market to artists with the view that artists should be able to sustain themselves through their art,” said Minister Mthethwa.

Susan Sellschop passed away on 15 February 2017 in hospital in Fourways, Johannesburg, after two weeks in ICU.

14 Feb 2017

Lay a basis for expanded trade and promote cultural diplomacy as part of Government’s broader socio-economic agenda.

13 Feb 2017

"We’re in this love together’ which stays in our minds." 

I remember his performance so well at the 2015 Cape Town International Jazz Festival where he wooed us with his all time greats and thanked South Africa for inspiring the world, ” said Minister Nathi Mthethwa.

03 Feb 2017

 South African citizenship
 Financially needy
 NB: 2017 Proof of registration at an institution of higher learning

Fields of study
 Anthropology
 Archaeology (marine, etc.)
 Archives and records management
 Conservation of the built environment
 Conservation and preventive conservation
 Collections (cultural & natural) management
 Heritage resources management
 Museum management and curatorship
 Indigenous Knowledge Systems.
 Information Science


01 Feb 2017

To strengthen cultural relations and lay a basis for expanded cultural contacts and trade, including opening up new markets for South Africa’s creative talent.

30 Jan 2017

The SACO has allocated over R500 000 in the 2017 round for young scholars wanting to pursue honours, masters and doctoral studies. The research undertaken must fall within the scope of SACO’s work in the cultural economy, cultural and creative industries (CCIs) and/or related sectors.

The SACO scholarship and bursary scheme has been running for the past two years now with nine awards issued to students across the country, studying at the following institutions:

•             University of Johannesburg

•             University of Witwatersrand

27 Jan 2017

Program Director: 

The Klassen family.

Executive Mayor of Ekurhuleni

Ministers and Deputy Ministers present

MMCs and Councillors present

Creative workers of our country

Living Legends,

Representatives of the media

Distinguished audience,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Fellow compatriots.

Through music Thandi klassen and her generation fought against apartheid and in the process endured much pain and sacrificed the best years of their lives.

25 Jan 2017

Following the sad passing of jazz legend, Mama Thandi Klaasen, last week and the memorial service held in her honour at the Germiston City Hall in Ekurhuleni today, the creative sector will host a special celebration of her life on Thursday 26 January 2017.

The Cultural and Creative Industries Federation of South Africa (CCIFSA) and the Musicians Association of South Africa (MASA) will host an event “Celebrating the Life of Thandi Klaasen: Artists and Legends pay tribute through music and words”.

14 Dec 2016

It commemorates the bravery of women in 1957 in Zeerust, who revolted against passes in the villages of Dinokana, Lekgopung, and Motswedi villages. They refused to collect their passbooks from mobile units.