28 Nov 2017

In terms of the Cultural Institutions Act, 1998 (Act 119 of 1998), the Minister of Arts and Culture, Mr Nathi Mthethwa invites members of the performing arts (Playhouse/Theatre) fraternity and the general public to nominate persons to serve as members of Council of the Market Theatre Foundation (Cultural Institution)

Nominated candidates should possess a broad understanding and experience in the field of heritage; performing arts; managerial; financial expertise; legal; marketing and liaison; fundraising; education and cultural/social research; corporate governance, as well as a willingness to render community service. The remuneration of the appointed nominees is in line with the remuneration scheme of the National Treasury guidelines as prescribed in the Cultural Institutions Act as amended.

Anyone wishing to nominate persons to serve as members of Council of the aforementioned Performing Arts Institution (Cultural Institution) should submit the following:

18 Oct 2017
This is a call to all young South Africans using their love for all things creative to build businesses and create sustainable design.
Since 2005, the Department of Arts & Culture and Design Indaba have been empowering emerging creatives, offering them a platform and also helping to open doors for them into the industry. Our finalists have proven, over the years, that they have what is required to take South Africa's economy forward.
13 Oct 2017

The Pan  South  Africa Language Board  (PanSALB)  (“The Board”) was established in terms of the Pan  South African  Language  Board  Act, 1995  (Act  No. 59  of 1995)  (“The  Act”),  to monitor  and evaluate the implementation of multilingualism and  promote and  develop previously marginalised languages

The Minister  of Arts and  Culture,  in  accordance with  section  5(3)(a)  of the  Act, hereby calls  on members of  the  language  fraternity  and  the  general  public  to  nominate  persons to  serve as members of the board.

26 Sep 2017

International Translation Day (ITD) was launched in 1953 by the International Federation of Translators. It is celebrated worldwide every year on 30 September, the feast day of St Jerome, who is the patron saint of translators. The day presents an opportunity for paying tribute to the work of translators, terminologists, interpreters and language practitioners in general who endeavour to make the world a slightly smaller place by breaking down language barriers and allowing great literature to be enjoyed far more widely. Dedicated events, seminars, workshops, conferences and symposiums are held across the world to celebrate ITD.

The International Federation of Translators, of which South Africa is a member, announces a theme for every year's celebrations, and this year's theme is "Translation and Diversity."

21 Sep 2017
Heritage is often defined as our legacy from the past, what we live with in the present, and what we pass on to future generations to learn from, to marvel at and to enjoy. It can help us become more aware of our own roots, and of our cultural and social identity. Heritage sites can help us learn the beliefs, values and knowledge of the peoples and the civilizations that created them (cultural heritage) or interacted with them (natural and mixed sites, and cultural landscapes). This includes opportunities to learn about tangible and intangible heritage. 
19 Sep 2017

24 September is observed as National Heritage Day, a celebration not only of the past, but of the contribution the South African people in making the country what it is today.

Heritage Day recognises and celebrates the cultural wealth of our nation. South Africans celebrate the day by remembering the cultural heritage of the many cultures that make up the population of South Africa. Various events are staged throughout the country to commemorate this day.

25 Aug 2017

Business and Arts South Africa’s announcement of the 44 finalists for the prestigious annual BASA Awards is especially significant this year as the ceremony celebrates two decades of business and arts partnerships in South Africa.

12 Jul 2017

Overview of the DAC Debut Programme

The DAC in partnership with BASA will be providing knowledge and skills development to emerging artists on the cusp of “making it” to support them with launching/implementing their first album, film, book, etc., and allowing them opportunities to pitch for funding to further support their venture. The programme combines DAC Debut Funding with BASA’s Education, Mentorship, and Young Business Professionals Programmes, as well as opportunities to apply for BASA Supporting Grants should applicants be eligible. Partnerships and collaborations will be important for maximum impact and improved sustainability.

12 Jul 2017

“It is with sorrow and shock that we learnt of the passing of the great musician and inimitable artist, Ray Phiri” said Minister Nathi Mthethwa.

Raymond Chikapa Enock Phiri was born in Mpumalanga in 1947 and started his music career in the late 1960s as a guitarist. His music had its roots in mbaqanga and African jazz. He founded a group called the Cannibals and thereafter Stimela. In Stimela, Phiri rose to great heights, composing and conceptualizing new work and the band achieved platinum-selling albums. He worked with Stimela on Paul Simon’s Graceland album and tours, which he said at the time “is giving every South African musician hope… a chance to be heard by the rest of the world.”

10 Jul 2017

Pretoria - Brand South Africa will this week commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Dakar 1987 Talks, which played a significant role in the road towards democracy.