02 Dec 2016

The U.S. Mission to South Africa is accepting project abstracts for the U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) 2017 Large Grants Program.  Abstracts are due January 18, 2017.

The U.S. Mission to South Africa and the Cultural Heritage Center (“the Center”) of the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs request project abstracts for partnership-based projects to preserve significant cultural heritage sites through the U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP).  The AFCP Large Grants Program supports the preservation of major ancient archaeological sites, historic buildings and monuments, and major museum collections that are accessible to the public and protected by law in the host country.  The floor on the amount of awards is $200,000 per project.

07 Oct 2016

 The primary focus of this funding is to assist in the distribution of new and existing works to a broader Southern African audience and to enable transnational collaboration and sharing of knowledge and expertise.

 Projects will be supported for up to a maximum of ZAR 60 000.00/US$ 5000 and applicants are encouraged to seek additional funding from other sources.

 Projects should meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply:

• Funds should be used towards arts & culture projects within Southern Africa (Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Seychelles, Tanzania (including Zanzibar), Zambia, and Zimbabwe).

• Projects which provide increased public exposure of high quality contemporary work across national borders (e.g. presentation of an Angolan work in South Africa and Zimbabwe); AND / OR

29 Sep 2016



Translation and Interpreting: Connecting Worlds

International Translation Day (ITD) was launched in 1953 by the International Federation of Translators. It is celebrated worldwide every year on 30 September, the feast day of St Jerome, who is the patron saint of translators. The day presents an opportunity for paying tribute to the work of translators, terminologists, interpreters and language practitioners in general who endeavour to make the world a slightly smaller place by breaking down language barriers and allowing great literature to be enjoyed far more widely. Dedicated events, seminars, workshops, conferences and symposiums are held across the world to celebrate ITD.

31 May 2016
The Minister of Arts and Culture, Mr Nathi Mthethwa invites all of the people in the Republic of South Africa, the rest of the African continent and the African Diaspora to join him in the inaugural Africa Month celebrations.
The theme for Africa Month 2016 is 'Building a better Africa and a better world'.
South Africa recognises itself as an integral part of the African continent. Therefore the country understands its national interest to be intrinsically linked to continental stability, unity and prosperity. Our national interest is therefore defined by the development and upliftment of all African people.
30 May 2016

Child Protection Week (May ) is an annual national awareness campaign led by Government through the Department of Social Development, to uphold Government’s commitment to protect and promote children’s rights in partnership with civil society.

The Department of Social Development will launch National Child Protection Week in Braakspruit Farm, Klerksdorp on 29 May 2016.


The theme for the next five years is “Let Us All Protect Children to Move South Africa Forward”. This theme was approved by the NCCPF on 20 August 2015. The theme highlights the significance of everyone’s responsibility of ensuring that all children are protected.


25 May 2016

Thank you for being part of the DAC Africa month fashion experience in collaboration with African fashion vibe 2016. Theme “creating a better Africa and better world” Below is the link for show pics..

There was a lot of positive response on the collections seen and I will share with all the next plans.

13 May 2016

The South African Library for the Blind is a Schedule 3A public entity and established in terms of The South African Library for the Blind Act 91 of 1998 to provide national library and information service to serve the blind and print-handicapped readers in South Africa.

The Minister of Arts and Culture, Mr Nathi Mthethwa hereby invites nominations for suitable candidates to serve as Board Members of the South African Library for the Blind in accordance to Section 6(1) of the South African Library for the Blind Act 91 of 1998.

18 Apr 2016

The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF), an agency of the Department of Arts and Culture provides film and video-related funding in the broad categories of Education and Training; Development, Production and Marketing and Distribution.

12 Apr 2016

The Venture Capital Fund applications are now open for submission for the period: April 2016 to March 2019. Please pay attention to the funding guidelines and application form.  Interested and eligible institutions and companies are hereby invited to send applications and proposals for possible financial support from the Department.

Download funding guidelines and application forms below:

17 Mar 2016




The voice of those who were believed to be speechless