13. What are the characteristics of active citizenry?

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  1. Active citizenry are members of society who take charge of their future and are the agents of what they want to happen in their communities. It requires inspirational leadership at all levels and every aspect of life. They should possess the following qualities:
  • Empowered – They understand that rights must be exercised with the responsibilities and are not shy to assert these. They have access to accurate, up to date information about government and its activities. Thus the government is obliged to provide information so that citizens can know what they are entitled to.
  • Fairness – citizens must not only know the structures and processes that exist but how government processes work, especially their accessibility by women, children, youth and people with disabilities. They play the game by its rules so that everything is predictable and transparent.
  • Inclusivity – must not only embrace the constitutional values of equality, dignity and freedom but are willing to include or involve every one irrespective of their position, status, creed or race. Everyone must have a sense of belonging and equal chance to exercise rights.