About Performing Arts

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The Performing Arts Sub-Directorate is guided by the excepts of the Vision and Mission of the Department: to develop and promote arts and culture in South Africa and mainstream its role in social development and job creation. The Sub-Directorate focuses on all the Performing Arts disciplines such Dance, Drama, Music, Poetry and comedy, its genres and performing arts practitioners. The Su-Directorate also provides a supporting role to other Units in the department.

In order to achieve the mission with regards to development and promotion, the Performing Arts Sub-Directorate  plays a major role during the official national days such as Human Rights Day, Freedom Day, Youth Day, Mandela Day, Womens’Day,  Heritage Day and Day of Reconciliation; by creating a platform to promote  the artistic work of South African  performing Arts practitioners. That entails various disciplines

Performing Arts Programs

  • Development of the National Performing Arts practitioners Data-Base and Webpage. The database will benefit the Performing Arts practitioners by providing a network to share information such as available training programmes, workshops, marketing, local and international events. This will broaden their accessibility and job opportunities and enable them to network with other local and international organisations in the sector. It will also have an impact on policy and strategic development by assisting DAC with skills audit. It will be easier for DAC to be able to identify and develop programs, for the sector as guided by the skills and information on the data.
  • Development of the Dance and Theatre sectors strategy that will inform the policy. The study has already being conducted in all the nine provinces. A national report on Dance and Theatre sectors has been consolidated and will be presented and discussed during the Dance and Theatre National Conference by November 2013. The conference is meant for the both sectors practitioners, academia and the three spheres of government (Department of Arts and Culture).


Contact details: tel 012 441 3000. Deputy Directors, Ms Susan Selepe: Susan.Selepe@dac.gov.za and Germinah.Nkadimeng@dac.gov.za