Appointment of Council Members for the National Film and Video Foundation

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Section 6 (1) of the NFVF Act, Act No.73 of 1997, stipulates that ‘The Foundation shall act through a council consisting of no fewer than nine (9) and no more than fourteen (14) Council members. Section 6 (2) (a) of the same Act says ‘the members shall be appointed by the Minister from a short list of no more than 22 names’.

Section 6 (5) (b) of the same Act further recommends that at the end of the members term of office, three members shall be re-elected by the Council to serve for a further three years after which they shall not be eligible for reappointment until a further three years have elapsed. Below are 10 names appointed from the 22 shortlist to serve on the Council of the NFVF with 3 re-elected names by the outgoing Council for purposes of continuity.