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Arts and Culture hosts the first leg of South Africa-Russia Seasons

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10 Nov 2016

The programme will showcase the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Orchestra Osipov Balalaika is expected to take the audience through a temperate emotional journey and mystery.

The Orchestra will also perform in Johannesburg and Pretoria on the 13th and 14th November 2016, respectively.  

As part of seasons programme there will be master classes on Philharmonic Orchestra at the Arts Cape on Saturday, 12 November 2016 at 09:00 am, offered by Zakharov (Russian Soloist); D. Rubcova (Russian Soloist); Е. Korzhenevich (Violinist); Sergei Burdukov (Artistic Director Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra) and Vasiliy Andropov (Art Director and Chief Conductor Russia).               

The Government of South Africa and the Russian Federation signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of arts and culture on 29 April 1999 - the agreement was ratified in 2008. Areas of focus include heritage, film, music, theatre, exhibitions, festivals, song and dance, cuisine, cultural economy, institutional collaboration and other multidisciplinary activities.  

During the BRICS Summit held in South Africa in 2013, the two countries signed a programme of cooperation.

 “This two-year long multidisciplinary cultural programme is aimed at creating awareness and at encouraging cultural, economic, scientific, educational programmes and a broad range of collaborative efforts between South Africa and Russia. The programme will also offer an opportunity to our local arts, culture and heritage practitioners to showcase their talent, interact and exchange best practices with their Russian counterparts. In this way we can encourage people to people-contact, build bridges that connect us and strengthen our bonds of friendship, internationalism and solidarity,” said Minister Nathi Mthethwa.

It is envisaged that the partnership with Russia will lead to greater trade in local cultural and artistic products, access to new markets by our artists and thus contribute to the growth of our cultural and creative economy

Russia played a key role in the liberation of struggle of South Africa, the two countries continue to enjoy political, economic and cultural relations.  

For more information, please contact Zimasa Velaphi; 172 8925 or Teresa Magidela; 060 601 7724