Arts and Culture Trust

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Arts and Culture Trust (ACT)

The ACT is the oldest funding agency in South Africa. It was established to secure financial and other resources for arts, culture and heritage; and to promote the needs and role of the sector in the public domain. Its vision is to establish a self-sustaining perpetual fund for the development of arts, culture and heritage in South Africa.

The ACT is responsible for:

  • developing and promoting arts, culture and heritage in general
  • advancing artists and cultural and heritage practitioners
  • promoting arts, cultural and heritage education
  • constructing facilities and creating and developing an infrastructure for these purposes.

Due regard is given to ensuring a spread of projects across all the cultural and artistic disciplines, including, but not limited to, arts administration, arts education, community art, festivals, heritage, craft, fine art, dance, music, theatre, literature, multidisciplinary and new media.

Several capacity-building and sustainability initiatives have been supported by the ACT Building Blocks Programme.

The annual ACT Awards recognise the significant contributions made by communities, artists, administrators, educators and journalists towards the development and advancement of arts and culture in South Africa.

Postal Address:

PO Box 31309

Tel: (011) 712 8403

Fax: (086) 622 9896