Call for papers Oral History association of South Africa 14th Annual National Conference 2017 Eastern Cape Province 10-13 October 2017

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“‘OR Tambo in memoriam: Remeniscing on a centenary of struggle, true

    leadership & leadership  values of a liberation stalwart “

The conference is organised by the Oral History Association of South Africa (OHASA),in collaboration with the Department of Arts & Culture (National Archives of South Africa )and the Eastern Cape Department of Sport ,Recreation, Arts & Culture

Described by Nelson Mandela as “a great giant that strode the globe like a colossus “’, Oliver Reginald Tambo was a rare breed, a true and selfless leader, an epitome of utmost dedicated people-centred stewardship . Always concerned about the people and the future, Oliver Reginald Tambo made a very prophetic statement in his famous address to MK guerrillas in Angola in 1977 when he said :

“Comrades, you might think it is very difficult to wage a liberation struggle. Wait until you are in power. I might be dead by then. At that stage you will realise that it is actually more difficult to keep the power than to wage a liberation war. People will be expecting a lot of services from you. You will have to satisfy the various demands of the masses of our people. In the process, be prepared to learn from other people’s revolutions. Learn from the enemy also. The enemy is not necessarily doing everything wrongly. ‘’

You may take his right tactics and use them to your advantage. At the same time, avoid repeating the enemy’s mistakes.”

In 2017 Tambo would have turned 100 years of age, making the centenary a very important milestone in the historiography of South Africa. To compliment this milestone, South Africa is currently experiencing what some may call a leadership crisis and erosion of values. It is necessary to pause and reflect on the teachings of the giants of the 20th century taught us.


  • Seeking new leadership models through Oliver Reginald Tambo .
  • Lessons from history and vision documents: 2030 and other documents.
  • Memories and Stories of Homelands and Bantustan Leaderships.
  • Current Service Delivery realities in relation to Tambo’s 1977 Speech.
  • Appraising Feminism and Womanism movements in addressing the quest for leadership and equity in society and in the workplace.
  • The cultural unity of Black Africa as contemplated by Dr Cheik Anta Diop.
  • Analysing “Age and Gender mix” imperatives in oral traditions, poetry and music performances.
  • Old or New Oral Histories? Religious Imposters, Prophets and Charlatans.
  • IKS and contested memories across cultures: history, heritage, customs, law etc.
  • Oral History in the Classroom.

Proposals are invited for contributions to the 14th National Oral History Conference. Although the conference is primarily academic, case study reports and other contributions are welcome. The contributions must be based on original work and have a clear focus on oral history. The envisaged end-product of the conference will be a publication of the proceedings. Interested contributors are encouraged to bring along to the conference paper that is photo-ready for publication.


If you are interested please send us a short proposal including :

  1. An abstract of your paper or case study report (100-300 words)
  2. the relevant conference sub-themes.
  3. A short biography of yourself (50-100 words)
  4. Your contact information ( name and surname, affiliation, postal address, email address, email, phone and fax numbers).

The duration of presentation will not exceed twenty (20) minutes and this will be followed by ten(10) minutes for discussion .

It is our intention to publish refereed conference proceedings. The papers shall not be longer than 5000 words.

Deadline for proposals / abstracts is 30 JUNE 2017

The conference organising committee will confirm acceptance or rejection of your proposal by 31 July 2017

Full conference papers to be submitted by 15 September 2017

Send proposals to :

Ms Brenda Kotze

National Archives and Records Service of South Africa

Tel :012- 441 3151

Cell : 082 600 5646


Convener:14th Annual National Oral History Conference

Department of Sport, Recreation ,Arts ,and Culture.

Eastern Cape Provincial Archives

Mrs Lungiswa Mtiki

Provincial Archivist

Cell : 078 5296370 / 0713821223/043 6044017

Fax : 086 205 3005

Email address /


Further Enquiries : OHASA Executive Committee Members

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