Department of Arts and Culture Scam Alert

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To all Suppliers and Potential Suppliers af Goods and Services  

The Department of Arts and Culture would like to sensitise members of the public against organised syndicates scamming unsuspecting members of the public and claiming to be Supply Chain Management officials of the Department.   

One of the ways in which the syndicate operates is by requesting quotations for various goods and services from service providers in the name of the Department of Arts & Culture.  

The Department of Arts and Culture condemns such illegal activities and encourages service providers to confirm the legitimacy of purchase order(s) numbers with the Department’s Supply Chain Management Directorate prior to processing and delivery of any goods or services.  

Service providers are advised that, while Government is working closely with authorities to thwart these fraudsters, it still remains the responsibility of the service provider to ensure the tender/procurement is legal and satisfies Government procurement prescripts. The Department of Arts and Culture cannot be held liable for any losses suffered by a person who falls victim to these scams which are perpetrated by persons who unlawfully present themselves as representatives or agents of the Department. 

If you know of any fraudulent tender activities please report them to the National Anti-Corruption Hotline 0800 701 701. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

To confirm the legitimacy of purchase orders, service providers are urged to contact:

Mr Kerneels Duiker Tel 012 441 3543 or e-mail:

For more information please call the Department of Arts & Culture on 012 441 3000

Issued by: Department of Arts and Culture