The Deputy Minister, Ms Makhotso Maggie Sotyu to address the Traditional Leadership and host the Youth and Stakeholder Engagement at Bumbane Great Place, Sithebe village in uMthatha

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06 Jun 2017

The Deputy Minister Ms Makhotso Maggie Sotyu will host the Youth and Stakeholder Engagement at Bumbane Great Place, Sithebe village in uMthatha,  Eastern Cape Province, on 09 June 2017. During her Budget Vote Speech on the 23 May 2017, the Deputy Minister Makhotso Maggie Sotyu  indicated that more than 14 million South Africans still reside in deep rural areas, and as such indigenous systems such as Traditional Leadership will always be part and parcel of anything to do with governance, economic development and nation-building of rural communities on:

•           The non-completion of an Arts and Culture Multi-Purpose building.

•           The marginalization of the rural youth and women from arts and culture projects funded by Government.

The purpose of this engagement is to provide a platform for the Deputy Minister to effect much needed Arts and Culture Projects for the Youth and Women; address the incomplete building in Bumbane, with the Provincial Government of the Eastern Cape; and also establish and engage with crafters and stakeholders in the craft sector on challenges they confront in the sector and obstacles to their development.

Members of the Media are invited as follows:

Date          : Friday, 09 June 2017

Time          : 09:00am

Venue        : Bumbane Great Place, Tyhalarah Farm Sithebe Mthatha, Eastern Cape    Province

RSVP’s: Mthuthuzeli Nqumba: 0744787681/0124413044; Email:

Media enquiries: Mr. Nkhumuleni Mathelemusa-Media Liaison at 0828950482 and Nomsa Hani- Head of office/Spokesperson for the Deputy Minister of Arts and Culture at 0827722053