Deputy Minister Rejoice Mabudafhasi officiates the renaming of the National Films, Video And Sound Archives Buildings to Ken Gampu and Dolly Rathebe, Pretoria

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28 Oct 2014

Today, the Deputy Minister of Arts and Culture, Ms, Rejoice Mabudafhasi, MP, officiated the renaming of the National Films, Video and Sound Archives (NFVSA) buildings to Ken Gampu and Dolly Rathebe as part of the World Audio Visual Heritage Day and the 50th anniversary of the National Films, Video and Sound Archives in Pretoria.

The World Audio Visual Heritage Day is celebrated annually on 27 October as declared by UNESCO. It provides an occasion to raise general awareness of the need to take urgent measures and to acknowledge the importance of audio visual records. This year’s theme is “Archives at risk”. Audio visual records created a century or more ago, using now-obsolete technologies, are in particular danger of loss or decay.

“The world’s entire audio visual heritage of the last century is endangered and most of it is considered lost. Not even in those countries where funds are more easily available can it be assumed that this heritage is protected. Floods, fires, storms and earthquakes can destroy our heritage overnight. Humidity, heat, dust and salt-laden atmospheres also play their part, and losses can arise from technical obsolescence as well as physical decay affecting not only traditional carriers but also the 'new' digital media. Theft and vandalism, the ravages of war, deliberate erasing and reusing of tapes have destroyed countless collections”, said Mabudafhasi.

The National Archives and Records Service is exploring the possibility of an Archive conditional Grant which will bring in new opportunities that will see the establishment of digitisation as a way of bringing to life formats such as Dictabelts, VHS, audio cassettes etc. This new technology will help connect the past to the present and close the chronic gap that has existed between the user needs and the technological limitations.

Mabudafhasi further said, “Between the periods 2005 and 2006 approximately 200 musicians were recognised by the Department of Arts and Culture for their contribution of using music as a weapon to fight apartheid. To name but a few Caiphus Semenya, Merriam Makeba, Thandi Klaasen, Dolly Rathebe, Dan Hill and many others”. 

Unveiling the plaque at the event, the Deputy Minister, said, “as part of the 50th celebrations of the NFVSA, the Holdings Building also known as the Milkboard Building will be renamed in honour of Mr Ken Gampu, the star of memorable films such as Dingaka, The Naked Prey and Kill and kill again. The Craigielea Building will be renamed in honour of Dolly Rathebe. She has been celebrated as one of the most successful Jazz musician and movie star”.

Peter Mbelengwa – Spokesperson for the Deputy Minister 
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