Dr Frene Ginwala speaks at the Lilian Ngoyi Memorial Lecture

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21 Aug 2006

The Minister of Arts and Culture, Dr Z Pallo Jordan and the Vice Chancelor of the University Of South Africa, Dr Barney Pityana, invite members of media to the Lilian Ngoyi Memorial Lecture.  As part of the 50 th anniversary celebrations of the Women’s Anti-Pass March, the Department of Arts and Culture (DAC) and the University of South Africa (UNISA) will co-host a memorial lecture in honour of the late Ms Lilian Ngoyi, one of the iconic figures in the history of the struggle for freedom in South Africa. The memorial lecture will be delivered by the first speaker of a democratic parliament, Dr Frene Ginwala.

On the 9 th of August 1956, Ms Lilian Ngoyi was one of the women who led the anti-pass march on the Union Buildings in Pretoria, one of the largest demonstrations staged in South Africa. Women played a leading role in the resistance to unjust pass laws which severely affected their position in society as well as the African family life.  Women were at the bottom of the social and economic hierarchy.  Because of the tenuous nature of their employment - largely in the domestic service and informal sectors, African women were particularly vulnerable to removal from the urban areas as "idle Africans” or "superfluous appendages".  

Apatrheid laws made it far more difficult for African women than men to acquire urban residency rights, accommodations in the urban areas. Influx control laws, and by extension the pass system, were intentionally used by government to bar African women from the urban areas and to confine them to the African reserves.

Date                       : 25 August 2006

Time                      : 18h:00

Venue                    : ZK Mathews Hall, UNISA Main Campus, Pretoria

Draft Programme:

Programme Director :Ms Mary Metcalfe



Entrance by academic procession


Constitution of the Congregation


University Chancellor

Opening and Welcome


Prof Barney Pityana :UNISAVice Chancellor


Remembering the 9 th of August 1956


Ms Sophie de Bruyn


Introduction of Dr Frene Ginwala

Ms Ntombazana Botha:Deputy Minister Arts and Culture


Keynote Address


Dr Frene Ginwala


Vote of thanks


Dr Z Pallo Jordan:Minister Arts and Culture


Singing of the National Anthem




Dissolution of the congregation



Enquiries : Mack Lewele  on 082 450 5076 or 012 441 3083

                  : Eric Mudzanani on 082 940 0927/012 441 3737

                  :Abe Mokoka on 082 375 44 57