Information for submission of plans in terms of amended direction gazetted on 6 July 2020 relating to the Sport, Arts and Culture sector

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On 6 July 2020, the amended Directions for Sport, Arts and Culture under the Disaster Management Act No. 57 of 2002 were gazetted.

The published Directions allows sport, arts and cultural events to resume subject to compliance with measures to prevent and combat the spread of COVID–19 by—

(i) allowing non–contact sport to resume training and matches

(ii) allowing contact sport to resume training only;

(iii) opening the following places or premises:

(aa) Libraries;

(bb) archives;

(cc) museums;

(dd) galleries;

subject to strict health protocols and social distancing,

(ee) cinemas; and

(ff) theatres,

provided only 50 people or less, based on the capacity of the venue, are allowed in compliance with health protocols.”.

1. “Applicant” means a Federation as defined in section 1 of the National  Sport and Recreation Act, 1998(Act 110 of 1998). The submission does not apply to sports facilities/ venues. business enterprises, recreational activities.

2. The national federation and places mentioned above must apply in writing to the Minister for permission in terms of the directions;

3. The closing date for only new applications is 31 July 2020.

4. If you have previously applied there is no need to re-apply.

5. If you have previously applied and awaiting further feedback, there is no need to re-apply, feedback will be provided

6. Please comply with the clear requests considering the limitation of the  number of pages on your document as indicated in the portal.

7. Your executive summary which must be uploaded, must provide very clear details of, among other:

a. What measures will the sporting code take to safeguard adherents and employees from COVID-19?

b. How will the code implement non-pharmaceutical /IPC interventions like social distancing, hand sanitising, symptom screening, hand sanitising, environmental cleaning, isolation facilities.

c. How will the sporting code/practice deal with a suspected COVID – 19, and a positive COVID – 19 case

d. Is the testing and testing advice consistent with Health guidelines and  biological principles and will outcome of test result lead to some kind of action?

8. Your operations plans must include the information as indicated in the Directions and Annexure C.

NB: To load submission online, federations and sport bodies can visit: or

For any technical queries please contact:

Mr. Teboho Thebehae (plan related queries):

Mr. Noog Hendricks (technical queries):

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