Kalahari Desert Festival 2014

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18 Mar 2014

Kalahari Desert Festival 2014 yet again promises to be one of the most exciting happenings on the Northern Cape calendar for this year.

Like in 2013, when the first KDF was presented in the red dunes on one of the Kalahari farms belonging to the Khomani San community, visitors will be able to partake in this celebration of traditional music, arts, culture and language for the preservation of the Bushmen and other inhabitants of the Kalahari. The Khomani will once again host the festival on the farm Erin (-26.950611 , 20.666307)

The program reads like a book of old stories told in a modern way and modern stories told in an old way. It includes things like traditional and contemporary dances, traditional music but also an exciting performance by the !Xun and Khwe rappers from Platfontein outside Kimberley who perform in their own languages !Xuntali and Khwedam. Homemade instrument will sing their tunes while many local music groups will get the opportunity to get on stage to entertain visitors with music ranging from gospel to jolly jive music.

A well-known didgeridoo artist will be visiting all the way from Australia to give a performance of traditional aboriginal music.
On stage will also be a couple of drama productions made up of local actors who will be telling the stories of the environment and the old people of the Kalahari.

For the first time ever a unique puppet show will also be part of the festival. All the marionettes used in the show was made by local Kalahari artist from materials found in the veld and on the side of the road where unfortunate animals were left after being killed by motor vehicles. The artist will manipulate their own marionettes to perform Kalahari stories.
The Kalahari is well known for the hospitality of its people and visitors are sure to get a taste of this at the different food stalls which will include things like roosterkoek and bazaar pudding.

A special play park with jumping castles and a water slide down a dune, will keep children occupied and entertained for hours.
KDF will also offer donkey cart rides, 4x4 trips, tracking, catapult and bow and arrow competitions to name a few. There will be fun bicycle rides with exciting prizes for lucky winner and special prizes for the best wire toy cars and most original stalls. Visitors will be able to participate in many games or just sit and listen to stories next to the fire. Art and craft will be sold.

A special language tent will for the first time ever offer the opportunity to the broader community to learn to write their languages Khwedam, !Xuntali and N/nu . Children will also be encouraged to learn some of the languages through exciting playful activities.
Radio XKFM will be broadcasting the festival live. This station, from Platfontein outside Kimberley is the only radio station in the world whose express purpose is to preserve the indigenous languages !Xuntali and Khwedam.

When the excitement and exhaustion gets to you, make sure to visit the traditional medicine and massage tent where they will rejuvenate you in no time.
The Kalahari offers different luxury places to overnight after a day of enjoyment at the KDF.
The festival celebrates South Africa’s 20years of democracy and social cohesion by breaking down cultural barriers. It also is an opportunity of job creation to many people of the Khomani community.

For more information, please visit www.kalaharidesertfestival.org or info@kalaharidesertfestival.org