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Message from the Ministry

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Welcome to a New Year, 2015

We hope that you enjoyed a peaceful, safe and joyous festive season.

This New Year marks the 60th anniversary of the Freedom Charter, the policy lodestar upon which key policy perspectives in the society are founded, including the constitution of the country.

We are appreciative of the celebrations of 20 years of democracy and freedom in the country, the continent and the world over.

The world was with us as we fought colonialism of a special type and we have been assured of the continued support as we build a united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous society. They are still with us as we continue to tell a good story that moves South Africa forward.

In this New Year, we will to continue with the plan to build a Heroes Acre. This national monument will tell the stories of heroes and heroines. We are also going to initiate a program to establish a liberation struggle museum. This will happen whilst we finalize the Liberation Heritage Route as per the Cabinet instruction.

We will continue to acknowledge individuals, groups and communities that contributed to the attainment of democracy and freedom. Thus we looking forward to the repatriation of our struggle stalwarts, Moses Kotane and JB Marks. The ongoing repatriation will also include the return of national treasures and other artefacts that are housed outside the country.

We will host the National Social Cohesion Report Back Summit to determine progress and challenges in our journey to a democratic and, above all, just and equal society.

For the very first time, this year we will host the Inaugural Festival of African Arts Culture & Heritage to bring together indigenous artists with counterparts in the continent and Diaspora. The primary aim is to make our humble contribution in Africa’s regeneration. We seek to make Africa’s Agenda 2063 a reality in all its manifestations.

The implementation of Mzansi Golden Economy strategy highlights the contribution of the sector to the economy. Thus we will set up creative industries incubators that will be sites of cultural enterprise and economic determination.

We will foreground the use of indigenous African languages to promote easier access to information between citizens and the State.

Finally, let us continue to be inspired by the legacy of the founding father of our nation, the late former president Nelson Mandela. In his name, will work together to move South Africa towards a just and equal society.

Now is the time.

Minister Nathi Mthethwa