Minister of Arts & Culture , DR. Z. Pallo Jordan announces the Eastern Cape Province as the host of the national Freedom Day celebrations

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27 Mar 2007

For the past 13 years, South Africa has celebrated the achievement of freedom and democracy on 27th April every year.

The Minister of Arts & Culture, Dr. Z. Pallo Jordan says freedom and democracy gave birth to a new culture of human rights in South Africa.

“Central to the new culture of human rights is the promotion of equality in all spheres of life, non-sexism and non-racialism to ensure that we continue building partnerships to eradicate poverty and underdevelopment.

“Our collective commitment towards the achievement of these goals will ensure that we indeed build an economy that that benefits all,” says Minister Jordan.

Again, this year, Freedom Day provides an opportunity for all sectors of society to participate in the celebrations and recommit to the protection and promotion of hard-won freedom.

“Our collective participation will further strengthen our democracy and commitment to the appreciation of one another as we march towards social cohesion,” added Minister Jordan.

The theme for Freedom Day celebrations is “Renewing our pledge! A national partnership to build a better life for all!

The theme evokes the national partnership, which brought about freedom and democracy. It represents a new call to sustain the national effort that brought about freedom, which is critical to consolidating our democracy while promoting non-sexism and non-racialism.

In his State Of the Nation address, President Thabo Mbeki urged all South Africans to take part in “building social cohesion and promoting a sense of belonging thereby reinforcing the glue that binds the South African nation together”.

This means that social cohesion and national identity cannot be achieved by government alone. All sectors of society should join forces in a national partnership to build national unity.

President Mbeki added that “the celebration of Freedom Day is no ordinary celebration. It is a day when all of us need to pause and reflect on our past, to remember the heroes and heroines who brought us freedom - those whose sacrifices made it possible for all South Africans, black and white, to enjoy the benefits of democracy and for all of us to prosper in conditions of peace and stability.”

Thus the Freedom Day celebrations acknowledge the role played by South Africans from different sectors in the achievement of freedom and in contributing to the reconstruction and development of our society, building social cohesion and accelerated shared growth.

The 2007 national Freedom Day celebrations will be held at Bisho stadium in the Eastern Cape Province. President Thabo Mbeki is expected to give a keynote address.
Cabinet ministers will be deployed to provincial events to encourage interaction between government and the public.

For further details, call:    Mack Lewele on 082 450 5076  or Sandile Memela on 082 800 3750