Minister of Arts & Culture, Dr. Z. Pallo Jordan announces funding for Movie, “More Than Just A Game” on Robben Island Soccer Team in the 1960s’ to 80s

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07 Sep 2007

The Minister of Arts & Culture, Dr. Z. Pallo Jordan has announced that the National Film and Video Foundation has contributed R750 000 funding towards the making of the movie, “More than Just A Game.”

The movie – about a soccer team in Robben Island in the 1960s to 1980s - is produced by renowned South African film-maker, Anant Singh.

“I am aware that the total budget for the film was in the region of R15-million. We respect the decision of the NFVF to make a small contribution that shows support for the efforts of some of our outstanding talent in the film sector.

“Of course, the relationship between the Department of Arts and Culture and the NFVF is set out in the relevant legislation and is described as “an arms length” relationship, which implies that once the NFVF was set up, it acquired its own board, a CEO and its own personnel.

“It would be wholly improper for the Minister, or any other government official, to question into the reasoning of the NFVF, its board, its selection committees or its panels of judges.

“That would be the slippery slope towards becoming prescriptive, proscriptive and a reversion to the authoritarianism of the past. South Africa has had quite enough of that!” said Minister Jordan.

The NFVF is one of the 28 independent and autonomous statutory bodies that report to the Department.

“I am absolutely confident, based on previous performance, that the criteria the NFVF employed in reaching a decision regarding the funding of this film are sound and will bear scrutiny by anyone,” said Minister Jordan.

For media inquiries, call Sandile Memela, Spokesperson at 082 800 3750 or Premi Appalraju, Media Liaison Officer at 082 903 6778.