Minister Nathi Mthethwa congratulates the Happiness is a Four-Letter Word team and the Vir Altyd team on their box office success

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23 Mar 2016

“South African film is coming into its own and has found fertile ground on home soil. We congratulate the co-producers of Vir Altyd, Ivan Botha, Donnalee Roberts and Danie Bester and the entire cast for breaking the local box office record and earning R13.4 million after only one month on circuit. Our congratulations also go to the producer, Junaid Ahmed, and the Happiness is a Four-Letter Word production team and cast on reaching the milestone of earning R10 million at the box office; and I am told that this figure is still climbing,” said Minister Nathi Mthethwa. 

“In South Africa we have been seized with the challenges facing our filmmakers especially around matters of distribution and exhibitions. We have said unequivocally that the compelling storylines of local content resonate with South African audiences. The achievements of Vir Altyd and Happiness is a Four-Letter Word bear testimony to this.”

“The success of the recent SAFTAS, the popularity of shows such as “Skeem Saam” among others, and the box office success of these two new romantic films together demonstrate that local content is being supported and that South African stories are attracting audiences.”

 “But local content also extends beyond the story and includes the development of local skills, infrastructure and technology. It is a team effort encompassing the filmmaker and the film, the author, the scriptwriter, the editor, the story, the cast, the crew, the marketer and distributor and a host of other specialized expertise. Clearly distribution strategies can be vastly improved to increase the spaces and platforms available to tell our own stories, but already there is significant progress being made.”

“Indeed let us continue to fill up the cinemas. Let us increase the number of screens allocated to local films and take films to places where they have not been shown before,” concluded Minister Mthethwa.


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