Minister Nathi Mthethwa congratulates the Inaugural Leadership of the Cultural and Creative Industries Federation

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25 Mar 2015

We wish to acknowledge and celebrate the success of the inaugural conference of the Creative & Cultural Industries Federation of South Africa.

This historic event culminated in the election of the inaugural council, board and administrative structures by delegates from all provinces. It was held in Bloemfontein on 23 – 24 March and the elections were overseen by the Independent Electoral Commission.

The new president is renowned actor and cultural activist Tony Kgoroge. Other office bearers include  

Gezani “Penny Penny” Kobane, Phemelo Sediti,  Zwelibanzi Ndakane, Dodo Moses Monamodi and Andrea Dondolo.

Sectorial office bearers include: Benjamin Nsaba – Indigenous Wisdom; Professor Cosbie Mbele – Language and Publishing; Mamela Nyamela – Performing Arts; David Dale – Audio Visual; Nkosinathi Machete – Cultural and Natural Heritage; and Sheryl Msomi – Visual Arts and Crafts.

The existence of the organization is a major milestone as it marks the beginning of a new era where the artistic community will speak with a coherent and clear voice.

We have always maintained that nothing can be done for the artists without the artists.

This marks a significant development in the organization and mobilization of workers, professionals and other individuals who work in this cultural and creative industries.

As the Department of Arts and Culture we are proud to have played our part in creating an enabling environment for CCIFSA to get off the ground. At last, we can say artists are now formally organized to take responsibility for their fate and future.

We have always believed that it is only when the arts, culture and heritage sector is organized to speak with one voice that they can confront their challenges.

This achievement would not have been possible without the cooperation and support of the Interim Committee under the leadership of celebrated songstress Ms Yvonne Chaka Chaka and her team.

We wish to express our appreciation for their hard work and focus to galvanize the sector.

Above all, the participation and contribution of individuals, organizations and other cultural organizations has enhanced the credibility of the body.

It is an open secret that the sector is highly afflicted by individualism, rivalry, competition and disunity. In fact, the inaugural conference was characterized by disagreement and conflict that almost aborted the initiative. We remain thankful that the sector chose to commit to solving its own problems through dialogue and compromise.

The launch marks a significant milestone.

The existence of CCIFSA is destined to draw attention to the potential and power of the cultural and creative sector. In fact, it will be organization that will engage and influence policy development and implementation in the sector.

As our democracy and freedom turns 21 on April 2015 known as Freedom Month, it is only proper that artists should be seen to be declaring their freedom and taking responsibility to influence trends and development in their sector.

It was the President of the Republic, HE Jacob Zuma himself who first galvanized the sector to organize itself with the gathering of artists at Sandton Convention Centre in 2009.

Over the year there has been a lot of behind the scenes work to get the sector to assume responsibility for its leadership and its programme. Much as it may not have been a perfect process, this development is a significant step in the right direction.

We believe the success of this organization will make a significant contribution to the role of the sector in the economy of this country.

As the DAC, we have always been serious about the business of the arts. Essentially, our strategy through the Mzansi Golden Economy strategy is to empower the sector to use the arts to create jobs, develop skills, provide viable opportunities and encourage economic self-reliance.

We are confident that the leadership and management of CCIFSA will make a difference. As the DAC, we remain committed to working together with the leadership to find solutions to challenges to the sector.

For further information and details, call Spokesperson for the Minister, Sandile Memela at 0828003750