Minister Nathi Mthethwa congratulates the Youth Involved with the Film “Hear Me Move”

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06 Jun 2016

Arts and Culture Minister Mthethwa expressed his gratitude to the Coal Stove Pictures production team for the success of their production dance film, “Hear Me Move,”  at the prestigious Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA).


The dance film which has been screened at both Cannes and London Film Festivals has also been nominated in 5 different categories at this year’s esteemed Africa Movie Academy Awards set to take place at Port Harcourt in Nigeria.


“We are proud and happy that the young people involved with this film have made such a positive impact around the world with their film on South Africa. We wish them all the best with the AMAA in Nigeria.  They have shown the youth as to what is possible, especially during this milestone 40th Anniversary of Youth Month,” expressed Minister Mthethwa. 


The film has been nominated for the following categories namely, Best Soundtrack: Zethu Mashika; Best New Actor: Nyaniso Dzedze; Best Actress in a supporting Role: Bontle Modiselle; Best Editing: CA Van As Wegen and Best Visual Effect by Coal Stove Pictures.


“Hear Me Move” Film has already won the PRISM Award for South African PR Campaign of the Year, the South African Film and Television Award (SAFTA) award for Best Achievement in Sound Design by Basiami Bibi Segola and lastly, the Kalasha Award for best Score and Screenplay in Kenya,” said Minister Mthethwa.


“Just recently, South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has raised local content on its radio stations to 90%. Local content develops, protects and promotes our national identity, culture and character. As the department, we believe Local content broadcast is an important element in the economy, as it determines market share. The more local content is used by broadcasters and other users the more the owners of the content receive financial benefit,” expressed the Minster.


“ As the department we thank SABC for leading the way in practice and look forward to the implementation of a new copyright regime that benefits the creative industries and artists in particular. As such,  we are committed to providing not only support for developing products, but also assistance and advice relevant to the protection of ownership rights and thus ensuring that local content remains local in a true sense. The onus is now on local content producers to continue to develop and produce content  for radio and television broadcast that maintains current standard of character, quality and innovation and indeed takes this to even greater heights.” concludes Minister Mthethwa.


For more information, contact: Lisa Combrinck at 082 821 4886


Issued by the Department of Arts and Culture