Minister Nathi Mthethwa on CSA Interim Board’s request for an extension

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15 Feb 2021

The Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture, this morning, met with members of the Cricket South Africa (CSA) Interim Board, led by it’s Chairperson, Dr Stavros Nicolaou, to take stock of progress made towards the completion of their mandate.

Bearing in mind that in announcing the Interim Board late last year, the Minister anticipated that even with the best laid plans, no one had a crystal ball on how things would practically pan out.

To that end, Minister Mthethwa said, “The Interim Board, reporting to the Members Council, was tasked to expeditiously deal with current governance systems, structures and procedures, including a proper consideration of the Nicholson recommendations; consider the Fundudzi report, its implications and consequences for CSA and to take any actions recommended in the report itself or actions that the interim Board deems appropriate; review all Board decisions taken since 2019 and to report on those decisions that require the attention of the Members Council and to generally do whatever is necessary and appropriate in order to restore the integrity and reputation of CSA. In announcing the Interim Board on 30 October, 2020, I further indicated that the Interim Board is expected to be in place for an initial period of up to 3 months, which may be extended based on progress achieved.”

As the Minister takes deadlines that he sets seriously, he considered and was persuaded by the rationale for the requested two-month extension, which was influenced by such external issues as the disciplinary hearings as well as consultations with internal and external stakeholders.

The Minister is persuaded to grant the extension on the grounds stated, he has consulted with the Members Council and it was unanimously concluded that this is the best decision for Cricket.

Later in the week, the CSA Interim Board will conduct an in-depth press briefing to outline all the aspects that have been mandated, as part of the roadmap leading to the AGM.

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