Minister Nathi Mthethwa slashes Travel Budget for Officials

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02 Oct 2014

The Minister of Arts & Culture, Mr Nathi Mthethwa has announced that he has slashed the international travel by officials as a cost-cutting measure.

This was a written reply to a question in the National Assembly today.

He said the Department has used three travel agents since April 2012 to date, including Chanti Travel, Tirisano and Duma Travel.

The Department has spent over R12-million with Duma Travel from April this year to date. But the overall budget for Chanti Travel was R53-million in 2012 and R58-million with Tirisano Travel in 2013.

“When I assumed responsibility I noticed that too much time and resources were spent on domestic and international travel that comprised of big delegations.

“To be in line with government prescripts, I have put strict measures on both domestic and international travel. The message has been communicated to all staff that the size of the delegations will be kept at a bare minimum without compromising the quality of work we need to do,” said Minister Mthethwa.


For further details, contact Spokesperson for the Minister, Sandile Memela at 0828003750