New Library Council to Finish Transformation Charter

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16 Dec 2008

The Minister of Arts and Culture, Dr. Z. Pallo Jordan has announced that a new National Council for Libraries and Information Services will be appointed by March 2008.
The purpose is for the new council to finalize the development of a Library Transformation Charter that was initiated in August 2006.

“The development of a Transformation Charter is a process that requires thorough planning and consultation with all relevant key players so that it can be representative and reflect the diversity of our nation.”

“Significantly, it has to be driven by a legislative structure which will monitor all processes involved.”

“We hope that the appointment of new members will be completed soon so that the transformation will resume in March 2008. Fortunately, the operational issues are on track,” said Minister Jordan.

The term for last NCLIS members ended last March.

The aim of the Library Transformation Charter is to align the role of libraries with the vision and strategic framework of the government.

“Thus it is imperative that the Charter is inspired by the values of the South African Constitution which are vital in understanding and addressing issues of equitable access, cultural diversity, racial tolerance and human rights”.

“The Charter is a rallying point for library and information services as a sector to achieve broader representation and economic benefits amongst all segments of society, including the previously disadvantaged communities,” said Minister Jordan.

He added that libraries should be disseminators of information and knowledge, and promoting and advancing the culture of reading.

Above all, the consultation process needs to be all-embracing.

“The consultation process will not be complete without including stakeholders such as the portfolio committees for arts and culture, education, finance, the principals for culture and provincial and local government and other key players,” said Jordan.

Of course, this will include users and potential users of libraries, publishers, writers’ organisations, booksellers, professionals in the library and information science sector, various spheres of government and all other significant stakeholders.

For further clarity kindly contact Sandile Memela, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Arts & Culture at 082 800 3750 or Premi Appalraju, Media Liaison Officer at 082 903 6778.