One Million Flag March

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03 Jul 2012

Programme Director,
Premier Nomvula Mokonyane,
Clr. MMC of Sports and Culture, Bafana Sithole,
Distinguished Guests
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my privilege to address you here today. There is a lot of excitement as we go further and further into the World Cup tournament.

Despite the fact that Ghana has made an exit at this stage, Ghana has done us proud to achieve this level at this Africa World Cup – Thank you Ghana. You have brought us altogether – we cherish you!

We are fast reaching the pinnacle of the World Cup. As a sports loving nation this great tournament has brought us together and not just us as South Africans but us as Africans too. The world has seen that Africa can host big tournaments successfully. This was only achieved because everyone helped.

What I have seen here today just boosts our love for our country. It is amazing and heart warming to see the flags fly – to gather in the spirit of oneness, for all our people to show their patriotism. These flags enjoin all of us.

I brim with pride when I still see many cars with the South African flag – not just flying but on their rearview mirrors, on their petrol caps and on their head-rests, indeed people are proud South Africans. People are supporting this exciting football. People are all embracing. There is a festive spirit all over.

What is most breathtaking is the fact that many visitors are continuing to praise our country – saying how wonderful the people are and how great our country is. They have experienced the spirit of Ubuntu! This is brilliant indeed as we have succeeded beyond our expectations.

This 2010 World Cup will be remembered as a spectacular African World Cup, for the vuvuzelas, for the unexpected results, like the two finalists in the last World Cup in Germany, Italy and France being knocked out in the first round and most of all for our colourful flags which everyone is flying.

The highlights in the past were, our country coming together to vote, the Rugby World Cup, the World Cricket and now this 2010 FIFA World Cup. What is significant is that more and more people are flying the Flag. We have come a long way as South Africans, our flag means a lot to us, we are indeed proud of our country.

I hope we can sustain this spirit as we can do a lot for our country. I urge South Africans to continue flying the flag in support of the rest of the teams playing in this tournament. Let us come out in numbers! Let us fill the streets! Let us show our patriotism, passion and love for the sport!

Thank you for continuing to Fly the Flag at this African World Cup – The world has not experienced a World Cup like this one before.

Thank you South Africa – Thank you Africa! May our Spirit of Ubuntu prevail!