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PanSalb is a constitutional organisation that was established in 1995 to support and safeguard the language rights of all South Africans.

In terms of Section 4 of the PanSalb Act, 1995 (Act 59 of 1995), the board is an independent

organ of state, subject only to the Constitution and its founding legislation, and must perform its duties without fear, favour or prejudice.

PanSalb is mandated to, among other things:

  • make recommendations with regard to any proposed or existing legislation, practice or policy dealing directly or indirectly with language matters at any level of government
  • promote awareness of multilingualism as a national resource
  • promote the development of previously marginalised Languages
  • initiate studies and research aimed at promoting and creating conditions for the development and use of:
    • all the official languages of South Africa
    • the Khoi, Nama and San languages
    • Sign Language
  • promote and ensure respect for all other languages commonly used by communities in South Africa
  • facilitate cooperation with language-planning agencies outside South Africa
  • establish provincial language committees and national language bodies to advise it on any language matter affecting a province or a specific language
  • establish national lexicography units.