Sourcing Enterprise

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Sourcing Enterprise
Consultative Conference Declaration
"A virtual enterprise will be established to give access to markets and support product development, to increase demand and consumption in the sector. In addition, an enterprise will be established to supply local goods and services to government conferences and events."
Strategic Objective
To provide access to the full range of products, services and experiences offered by the Arts, Culture and Heritage Sector in order to grow the demand and supply of goods. This will stimulate job creation in the Sector.

Project outputs
The Sourcing Enterprise will be an open access platform. Any individual with a creative product, service or experience will be able to register. Clients, particularly government departments, can purchase and access information online. The open access platform will be linked with existing initiatives that provide the same service.

o Virtual Online Platform: The virtual platform will profile all practicing and credible South African creative industries and heritage service providers who have a product, service, or experience to offer. Each fraction will be provided with a profile page that will include all relevant information. The portal will be accessible to public and private end-users (local and international) who wish to obtain information on listed South African creative industries practitioners who have a product, service or experience to offer.

o Physical Enterprise: The online platform will manifest physically in a series of ‘outlet/showroom’ spaces – one in the capital of each province. It will link with existing initiatives that provide the same service. The physical enterprise will aim to source commodities, activities and experiences, primarily for the public sector. It will hold limited stock of popular items and will serve as a facilitator between the end-user and the practitioner.

Implications for job creation
The Sourcing Enterprise will result in growth in demand, and therefore supply. The consequence of this will be employment opportunities and social and economic benefits. Using the Mzansi Golden Economy Consultative Conference to extrapolate: a government event for 500 delegates has the potential to generate 384 workdays and the commissioning of 108 practitioners. Based on a modest target of four conferences per national department, the potential direct impact is R2 268 million in revenue and 1 200 full-time equivalent employment opportunities.
Contact details
Mr J Mathe
Ms L Ndebele-Koka