Statement by the Director General of Arts and Culture, Mr Themba Wakashe: The Department of Arts and Culture withdraws its Support of Morris Roda Productions on the Miriam Makeba Tribute

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04 Nov 2009

Regrettably the Department of Arts and Culture has withdrawn its support from the Miriam Makeba commemorative events planned for the 7-9 November.

The Makeba family had approached the Department for support of the commemoration and the honouring of the late Miriam Makeba, Mama Africa, as we mark the first anniversary of her passing. The Makeba Family had already started working with Morris Roda Productions when the Department agreed to provide support.

We had hoped to still honour Mama Africa on the anniversary of her death on the 9th November through supporting an event initiated by her family. However, we have not been provided with the necessary assurances as to the state of readiness that would have made this event possible.

The Department will continue with its legacy projects in honouring icons of our country and hope to highlight the contributions of Miriam Makeba in the near future.

The Department wishes to disassociate itself from Morris Roda Productions and has taken a legal action in regard to the contract signed with Morris Roda Productions.

The Department apologises to all concerned, especially the artists and the public, for any inconvenience caused. We regret that the names of artists have been used to promote this event without their consent.


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