Statement from the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture: SASCOC Developments

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28 Apr 2020

Minister Nathi Mthethwa has respectfully noted the contents of the joint statement from the IOC and IPC, which calls for SASCOC to be allowed space to resolve their problems by themselves.

We wish to reiterate that as government we remain unconvinced that SASCOC has demonstrated the necessary will to deal decisively with their internal problems, particularly those relating to governance, as spelt out in the Ministerial Inquiry Report.

The approach to SASCOC’s International mother bodies was not only in response to the two elections-related disputes, faced by SASCOC, but also relates to a two year long process of ensuring that the recommendations of the Ministerial Inquiry into the affairs of SASCOC, are implemented.

Through a Task Team appointed for this purpose, the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture, has been assisting SASCOC with the implementation of the recommendations, in the hope that the process would be concluded by the end of last month.

In terms of progress made to date, agreement has been reached on addressing 26 of the 42 sub-recommendations, meaning that work still has to be done on the remaining 16.

Whilst a few of the 16 might be addressed by the elective conference, others will require financial resources that SASCOC does not have. This is one of the reasons that the election of a new leadership is urgent.

The appeal to the IOC and IPC was therefore aimed at enlisting the help of the sports movement to address sports problems to avoid the perception that government was being heavy-handed through alternative ways of bringing back stability to SASCOC, in the interests of the struggling athletes.

Whilst we await what further developments arise, we remain committed to the restoration of stability, within SASCOC.





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