Twelve Female Artists to See at the 57th Venice Biennale

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Text by Emily Steer

From Estonia to Nigeria, there is a strong selection of national pavilions showing female artists at the 57th Venice Biennale—featuring live animals, conflicted patriotism and moments in the dark. Of course, politics is the order of the day.

South Africa, Candice Breitz After a potent opening at KOW during Gallery Weekend Berlin—Love Story, a large video installation which explores the refugee crisis and the roots of empathy from multiple locations—Candice Breitz shows alongside Mohau Modisakeng at South Africa’s pavilion, addressing the idea of selfhood within a global world that continues to marginalize many. The work of the two artists is placed here in dialogue. “Breitz’s photographs and multi-channel video installations offer nuanced studies of the structure of identity under global capitalism,” says one of the pavilion’s curators Lucy MacGarry, “while Modisakeng employs a highly personal language to express ideas about his own identity and the body.”