Updates on the upcoming CCIFSA National Elective Conference

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13 Feb 2019

The Minister of Arts and Culture established a preparatory team for the national conference of CCIFSA. This team is constituted by the CCIFSA executive and the six Creative Industry Task Team (CITT) representatives.  This follows robust engagements and discussions with both groups since August 2018.  This press conference is intended to update the industry on the decisions taken to prepare for the conference.

It is important to note that Minister has been asked on several occasions to prepare for this conference. The Minister and the DAC have always been of the view that the industry should be central in resolving its challenges at all material times. However, it is a practical imperative that in this instance the DAC will be playing a central role in these preparations.  It should also be noted that the key industry representatives (CCIFSA and CITT) have taken all the decisions to be communicated today. The DAC was only facilitating the process as requested by the industry during lengthy discussions.

The following important decision have been taken:

a)    The national conference for CCIFSA should be held on the 28th and 29th of March 2019

b)    The national conference should be preceded by both the District General Meetings (DGMs) and Provincial Summits, respectively

c)    The DGMs should be convened in all provinces and should be open to all artists

d)     The focus of the DGMs should be to deal with draft MOI and election of delegates to Provincial Summits

e)     The Provincial Summits must also focus on the draft MOI and the election of delegates

f)     The Provincial summits will be convened on the weeks of the 4th, 11th and 18th March 2019.

g)     The availability of resources will inform the total number of delegates at both the provincial summit and the national conference. Such approach should be in line with the principle of inclusivity.

h)    The following work-streams were created: Communication, Logistics and Draft MOI.

i)      There are nine sectors, which are identified in order to determine the delegates from the summits and the national conference.

j)      The CCIFSA National General Council members elected in 2015 will be delegates to the national conference with full status.

k)    The national conference will adopt the MOI and focus on the reports that will be presented by CCIFSA. The election of the new leadership for CCIFSA will be based on the adopted MOI.

l)     Attendees to all stipulated meetings are required to apply and fill a form. The final date for these forms is the 21st February 2019. This will allow for timeous preparations of the meetings. Download the Form


m)  No late applications will be allowed.

n)   Individual artists must make applications to attend the all meetings to and therefore vetting will be considered for this process.

o)    Artists can only participate in one sector for purposes of this conference.

The DAC has communicated with all provinces and further communication will be undertaken. There is an aggrieve campaign to take information to all districts and public areas such as libraries. View the draft Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) here. Therefore all artists can access the information.

It is important to note that the focus of District General Meetings and the Provincial Summits is the discussion of the MOI and the election of delegates to the summit (provincial) and national conference.

There are (9) nine sectors which will be represented at the District General Meetings, Provincial Summits and the CCIFSA National Conference. These sectors are: Cultural and National Heritage; Performance and Celebration; Visual Arts and Crafts; Languages and Publishing; Audio-Visual and Interactive Media; Design and Creative Support Services; Arts Education and Training; Indigenous Wisdom as well as Arts, Culture and Heritage Technical Support Services.

At the national conference elected leadership of CCIFSA is expected to present various reports not limited to the state of the industry, work and organizational matters of CCIFSA since 2015 and the financial status of the organisations. Most importantly, the national conference has to adopt the MOI, which will serve as the constitution of the organisations and thereafter elect the new leadership.

The DAC prides itself of having to participate in the formation of CCIFSA and continues to render support to ensure that the creative and cultural industry is at the cutting edge of transformation. Formation of CCIFSA should be applauded and therefore the coming conference is equally historical because it is expected that the current baby-steps will be taken to another level.

For media enquiries, please contact : Ms. Petunia Lessing, cell: 066 301 4645 / email petunial@dac.gov.za

For other enquiries, please contact, Ms. Nontsikelelo Baqwa: Stakeholder Relations Manager, cell: 076 920 1591 / email: nontsikelelob@dac.gov.za Or Mr. Mzukisi Miti at mzukisim@dac.gov.za

Issued by the Department of Arts and Culture