Deputy Minister Speeches

27 May 2008

Good morning Ladies and Gentleman.

On behalf of the Ministry and Department of Arts and Culture, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all the delegates attending these two very important workshops.

11 Oct 2005

Dames en Here.

Dit is ‘n wonderlike voorreg vir my om deel van hierdie geleentheid vanaand te wees.

Die Afrikaanse Taalmuseum- en monument is vir ‘n baie lang tyd al ‘n kenteken van die identiteit van alle Afrikaans sprekendes.

Die vryheid om onsself uit te druk is een van die wonderlike prestasies van ons nuwe demokrasie. Hierdie vryheid kan duidelik gesien word in die feit dat ons alreeds elf amptelike tale het.

30 Sep 2005

It is, therefore, very fitting that Heritage Month should culminate today with us celebrating International Translation Day, with the theme "Translation and Human Rights". It is not only a very relevant theme for South Africans, whose Constitution proclaims the importance of healing the divisions of the past and the creation of a society based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights, but it dovetails very well with the Heritage Month theme, which places the emphasis on our knowledge and our heritage, two very important human rights that find expression through our culture and our language.
Let us consider what a long way we have come in the promotion of translation and multilingualism. There is an Italian proverb that says: "Translator, traitor".

04 Aug 2005

It is a great pleasure for me to take part in this very important ceremony today, which marks the conclusion of the third phase of the training programme for the conservators of the Timbuktu Manuscripts who were sent here for training by the Ahmed Baba Institute in Mali.

28 Jul 2005

It is indeed a pleasure and privilege for me to open the 2nd Arts and Culture Design Seminar hosted by the Ministry and the Department of Arts and Culture.Let me take this opportunity , on behalf of the Government of the Republic of South Africa and also the Ministry of Arts and Culture, to extend a very warm welcome to everyone present here and those participating in the events of this Fashion Week, and a special welcome to all our friends from our sister countries.

18 May 2005

This year we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Charter. We celebrate because the Freedom Charter is a living document in which the needs and aspirations of the people of South Africa are articulated. This charter is not an ANC document per se, but was crafted on behalf of all the oppressed people of South Africa.

18 Apr 2005

I would also like to express myself in my home language, which is Xhosa, but there would be no translation. I would like to thank UNESCO for this initiative and also thank the organisers for inviting our delegation from South Africa to participate in this conference.

15 Mar 2005

Fifty years ago, during the dark and very difficult days of apartheid, on June 26, the people of South Africa came together at Kliptown at The Congress of the People to adopt the Freedom Charter.The people of South Africa had had enough of being treated like strangers in the land of their birth and of being denied a sense of identity by the colonial masters. All around them were symbols and images of another culture they were not familiar with, their own culture and heritage were being distorted and used as a political strategy to divide and rule them. They were silenced.

08 Oct 2004

I can think of no better place to be tonight than being in the company of such energetic, vibrant and talented young people from different countries and such diverse cultures.I know that your camp started on Sunday 26 September but I think it is still appropriate, on behalf of our Government and the people of South Africa, to welcome all our guests & friends from Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Norway to our beautiful country.

14 Jul 2004

Good Evening! It is, indeed, a privilege and an honour for me to be invited to address this very prestigious occasion, the grand finale opening of the historic retrospective exhibition. I am informed that this exhibition showcases more than 120 art works produced during the period between 1962 and 1982 by students who were trained at the Evangelical Lutheran Church Art and Craft Centre at Rorke’s Drift. I have been able to view some of the impressive art works earlier and I will continue to do that later.