Media Releases 2009 - 2005

27 Oct 2006

In a glittering event held at Summer Place on Thursday 26th October, the Film & TV Unit received an award for its contribution to education, capacity building and transformation in the audio visual sector.

26 Oct 2006

The Department of Arts and Culture (DAC) will host an inaugural Beautiful Things Crafts Supermarket as part of the 50 th Anniversary of the Women’s March Celebrations. The event will be held at the Bryntirion Estate in Pretoria from 15 to 19 November 2006. Mrs. Zanele Mbeki is the patron of the exhibition. The theme for the exhibition is “women participation and empowerment in the South African Craft Sector”. The Beautiful Things Crafts Supermarket of 2006 replaces the annual crafts imbizo as a special project to showcase and provide retail opportunities for South African crafters, particularly rural and women producers.

04 Oct 2006

The Government of Japan will officially hand over the sound equipment to the Government of South Africa for the State Theatre. This is the culmination of a process initiated by the Government of Japan in 2003, when they called for Grant-in-Aid proposals from Government Institutions of South Africa. A number of proposals were submitted to Japan via the Embassy of Japan for their consideration. In November 2004, the Department of Arts and Culture was informed that the State Theatre was selected amongst many applicants as the recipient of the 2004 Grant-in-Aid. The Grant-in-Aid is worth 44,500,000 Japanese Yen (approximately R2, 5 million) and is specifically for the sound equipment.

06 Sep 2006

What is demonstrably true is that literally thousands of geographical names were imposed on the country by the colonial powers who governed South Africa and portions of it over the last three and half centuries. They did this without regard to the pre-existing names, let alone the sensibilities of the indigenous people, who in most instances continued to use the original names. There are also the numerous instances where colonial administrators misheard indigenous names, but notwithstanding imposed their misconstruction of those names. There are some places that were renamed to celebrate the military victories of White settlers over African armies, some to memorialize European kings and Queens, some to celebrate colonial governors and soldiers.

And then, there are places that were renamed, and given names that are offensive.

01 Sep 2006

The media statement posted on the DAC website, dated 11 August 2006, refers.  The Minister of Arts and Culture tenders his apology for any statement which Mrs Wixley may have construed to be defamatory.  The Minister remains committed to honoring the spirit and the letter of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 and the Department intend to comply with the Court order granted on 15 August 2006. 

25 Aug 2006

“Positioning African cities as part of the World Architectural Landscape.”

The South African Departments of Arts and Culture, Foreign Affairs and the South African Heritage Resource Agency are honoured to have been invited to participate in the 10 th Venice Architectural Biennale. South Africa’s decision to take part in the Biennale is motivated by the desire to promote discussion and dialogue on the transformation of spaces as a means of altering and improving people’s lives. In particular, it is anticipated that this dialogue will bridge the cultural gap between the communities of our young democracy

01 Aug 2006

As part of the year-long celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Women’s Anti-Pass March to the Union Buildings, a number of activities will continue until March 2007.

01 Apr 2006

The Minister of Arts & Culture, Dr. Z. Pallo Jordan has appointed the new Board of the National Arts Council with effect from Tuesday 1st August – 9 women and 15 men!

Many of these are new members who are expected to introduce a breath of fresh air into the operations of the NAC.

Significantly, most of them are arts practitioners, activists and administrators with grassroots experience. Others are drawn from a legal, business or academic background.

In November 2004, Minister Jordan was compelled to release the previous Board of the NAC after he became convinced that it had lost the confidence of the arts community.

05 Mar 2006

The South African film industry has once again done the country proud. On Sunday 5th March 2006, the film “Tsotsi”, won an Academy Award in the category of Best Foreign Film.

I want the cast and production team of the acclaimed movie “Tsotsi” to know that I and millions of other South Africans salute them for the splendid and challenging contribution they have made to indigenous African film making.

Their achievement has revealed to the world, and the USA in particular, that South African talent - as evidenced by award-winning actress and second-time Oscar nominee, Charlize Theron, for example - not only has the potential to stand tall and compete as equals with our international counterparts, but is also of world class.