Call for nomination of the South African Geographical Names Council

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The Department of Arts and Culture hereby invites members of the public to nominate people to serve as members of the South African Geographical Names Council. The Council consists of no more than 25 members of which 12 are representatives of the provinces, the South African Post Office, Chief Directorate: Surveys and Mapping and the Pan South African Language Board.

The function of the SAGNC is to advise the Minister of Arts and Culture on the standardisation and orthography of proposed new names and the changing, removing or replacing of existing names.

Nominees are to be knowledgeable or have special competencies in the following fields:

• Geography, Surveys and Mapping

• Official and Recognised Languages and Linguistics in general

• Culture, Heritage and Tourism.

Members of the SAGNC do not receive salaries, but are reimbursed for expenses associated with serving on the Council.

Anyone wishing to nominate members for the SAGNC should submit:

• A letter containing the full name, address, telephone and fax numbers of the nominee and giving the reasons for the nomination

• A Curriculum Vitae of the nominee, explaining her or his suitability for appointment

• A brief statement signed by the nominee, in which he or she agrees to the nomination

• The names of three referees who may be contacted for reference purposes.

No nomination will be considered unless all of the above are included.

Nominations are to reach the Director-General, Department of Arts and Culture, Private Bag X897, Pretoria 0001, or may be e-mailed to Thulile Mthembu at by 30 January 2018.