16 May 2016

We need to build a culture of inclusivity and collective beneficiation as an integral part of our endeavours in the development of the continent.

10 May 2016

I am proud to announce that on 4th June 2016 we will hand-over a Modular Library to the Nkuri community as a short-term solution whilst we are building a brick and mortar library through the community library conditional grant.

10 May 2016

Twenty years ago in this very house, on the 8th May 1996, with great excitement and pride, the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa was adopted.

09 May 2016

I am delighted to be part of this august occasion of the 2016 National Archives Awareness Week under the theme “Archives for the protection of human rights, transparency and good governance”.

04 May 2016

The South African Government would like to express its gratitude for hosting the African World Heritage Regional Youth Forum from the 28th April to the 4th May 2016. The forum has been eagerly anticipated by the Department of Arts and Culture with the pressing and growing concern to further the reach of World Heritage.

03 May 2016

We meet here today on what is and surely must be described as a historical occasion – at the opening of the two day seminar that commences today, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the African World Heritage Fund.

21 Mar 2016

Our mission since 1994 is to create a united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous South Africa. This is the task of every South African.
Earlier this year, our country experienced explosions of anger due to racist utterances and writings which reminded South Africans that the vestiges of white supremacy and racism still exist in some sections of society.

20 Mar 2016

We are pleased that the theme for 2016 is “Imagine” as this takes us into a new space and time of planning for the future and re-inventing the SAFTAS after its first ten years of existence.
Hence there is also a new look for the awards, that pays homage to the one thing that film and television professionals yearn for - the Golden Horn.

14 Mar 2016

The theme for this year’s edition of the festival, “Decolonising the Book” resonates with the strategic objectives of the Department of Arts and Culture.We espouse a book sector that is diverse and seeks to cultivate equitable growth of all South African languages.

23 Feb 2016

I am very much delighted to be invited here to address a special breed of people in our society, who endeavour to make the world a slightly smaller place by breaking down language barriers and allowing great literature to be enjoyed far more widely.