18 Apr 2005

Member of the Mayoral Committee and Chairperson for Community Services, Roads and Parks in the City of Johannesburg, Councillor Christine Walters
Chairperson of the Board of Directors in City Parks, Pumla Radebe
Members of the Johannesburg Mayoral Committee
Members of the Board of Johannesburg City Parks
The Managing Director of Johannesburg City Parks, Luther Williamson and his Executive Team
The Director of Arts and Culture, Steven Sack
Dignitaries from the ANC

18 Apr 2005

I would also like to express myself in my home language, which is Xhosa, but there would be no translation. I would like to thank UNESCO for this initiative and also thank the organisers for inviting our delegation from South Africa to participate in this conference.

15 Mar 2005

Fifty years ago, during the dark and very difficult days of apartheid, on June 26, the people of South Africa came together at Kliptown at The Congress of the People to adopt the Freedom Charter.The people of South Africa had had enough of being treated like strangers in the land of their birth and of being denied a sense of identity by the colonial masters. All around them were symbols and images of another culture they were not familiar with, their own culture and heritage were being distorted and used as a political strategy to divide and rule them. They were silenced.

03 Dec 2004

Some ten years ago the planning of a new building for the Pretoria Campus of the National Library of SA first began. What we are about today is taking the first step towards the realization of that plan. It is indeed a great pleasure for me to be here.

24 Nov 2004

The purpose of this gathering is to honour the Government of Japan for the Grants-in-Aid they have given to South Africa for the past three years. The recipients of the grants in the past years are the following government institutions, the Robben Island Museum, the Market State Theatre, and the Film Archives. The recipient of the 2005 Grant-in-Aid being the State Theatre will receive an amount of Forty Four million Five Hundred Thousand Yen (approximately 2 Million Rand at the present exchange rate)

16 Nov 2004

Programme director, distinguished guests, filmmakers, all protocol observed, ladies and gentlemen.
It is once again, that time of the year when the world of film converges in Cape Town, for both the World Cinema Festival and the Sithengi Film and Television Market, to celebrate the progress of the South African film.
This event has indeed become a major event on the national calendar and has grown in leaps and bounds as a forum where the world transacts with South Africa and the region.

10 Nov 2004

Thank you, Programme Director,
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and gentlemen,

The worst part of such evenings, I know, is when the speeches begin. So I will not test your patience. I shall try to be brief.

05 Nov 2004

Barney Pityana, Vice Chancellor of UNISA,
Prof M S Makhanya, Chair of the Culture Sector for the South African National UNESCO Commission,
Distinguished academics,
Stranger Kgamphe, the Secretary General of the South African National UNESCO Commission,
Colleagues from government,
Members of parliament,
Distinguished guests from the many organizations and bodies representing our diverse cultural sector,

05 Nov 2004

Honourable MEC of Cultural Affairs and Sport in the Western Cape, Mr. Chris Stali,
Members of the Executive Council here present,
Head of the Department, Adv. Solomons,
Local Government Councillors,
Religious leaders,
Veterans of the Struggle,
CEOs of Cultural entities,
Leadership of the public sector,
Cultural Activists,
Representatives of the business community
Ladies and gentlemen,

08 Oct 2004

I can think of no better place to be tonight than being in the company of such energetic, vibrant and talented young people from different countries and such diverse cultures.I know that your camp started on Sunday 26 September but I think it is still appropriate, on behalf of our Government and the people of South Africa, to welcome all our guests & friends from Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Norway to our beautiful country.