22 Jun 2004

Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces,
Deputy Chairperson,
Members of the Executive Committees of the Provinces and their Deputies,
Honourable Members of the NCOP,

Ours is a country blessed with a wealth of arts, cultures and languages. Our country consists of nine provinces. From these highly diverse components we have made a collective commitment to knit together a new nation.

That challenge is at the core of the Department of Arts and Cultures brief.

22 Jun 2004

In August 2002 the then Department of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology was split into two separate departments and this resulted in the establishment of the Department of Arts and Culture, on the one hand, and the establishment of the Department of Science and Technology, on the other. However, the two departments remained under one Ministry.

12 Mar 2004

I welcome you all to this important occasion on which we, as the Department of Science and Technology officially launch Indiza Foods, an indigenous food production community enterprise. It is one of our Poverty Reduction initiatives. It is a section 21 company that has a board of directors comprising of all major stake-holders and it will be responsible for the management, fund-raising, quality control, marketing and promotion of the products of all indigenous food enterprises.

11 Mar 2004

Chairperson of the Council, Prof. Seth Manaka, members of the Council, officials of the Dept. of Arts and Culture and the Dept. of Education, members of the media, ladies and gentlemen.