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The following bids have been awarded during the 2019/2020 financial year

BID No Title Successful Company BBBEE Contributor Contract Value Contract Period
DAC 12/13-14 Appointment of a service provider of a service provider of a business/legal company/consultant to investigate entity models with regard to the establishment of the National Art Bank of South Africa Roger Layton (pty) ltd Yes
DAC 10/13-14 Appointment of service provider to conduct mapping of Cultural Industries in South Africa Plus 94 Research (PTY) ltd Yes
DAC 08/13-14 Appointment of service provider to review the National Language Policy Framework (2003) and Implementation Plan (2003) and to develop a New Language Policy for the department in response to the new legislation Harris Nupen & Molebatsi inc Yes
DAC 09-13-14 Appointment of service provider/s for the installation of flags and flagpoles in every school:project phase four omnibus MSB Investment and Projects, Meriting ya Africa Development Projects (PTY) LTD, Lwazi Community Facilitators cc, Fanis Projects (PTY) LTD, Nisithole Trading Enterprise, Lesedisihle Holdings (PTY) LTD, Sporti Products cc, Atlarela Trading cc, Chriluto marketing Systems, Joint Shelf 1183 cc, Outsmart Outdoor Advertising (PTY) LTD, MEM Consulting (PTY) LTD, Catagric Imprimere, Active Blue Trading 220 cc, Proud Arts Culture and Heritage (PTY) LTD, Sentle Production cc, Milonji 6 Development Enterprise, Hlobisa Enviro Club Primary Co-operative Limited Yes
DAC 06/11-12 Expression of interest and appointment of Omnibus Events Management Companies ZenOne Productions (Pty) Ltd Yes
DAC 02/12-13 Appointment of a service provider to draft the quadrennial country report on the convention on the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expression Calista Investments t/a Black Box Theory Yes R 979 000
DAC 05/12-13 Appointment of a service provider to conduct National Audit of Community arts centers Create Africa Trading cc Yes R 1 682 707 7 Months
DAC 01/12-13 Appointment of a service provider to monitor and evaluate all Mzansi Golden Economy (MGE) funded projects for two years Octagon Marketing (Pty) Ltd Yes R 8 776 2 years
DAC 07/12-13 Appointment of a service provider to cost the implementation of the South African Library and Information Services Bill Cornerstone Economic Research Yes R 1 145 814
DAC 10/12-13 Appointment of a service provider for the design and development of the sourcing enterprise/information center portal Baitseanape Technologies Yes R 9 082 008


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