Die Afrikaanse Taalmuseum en–monument (ATM)

Die Afrikaanse Taalmuseum en -monument (ATM) in Paarl incorporates the Afrikaanse Taalmuseum, the Afrikaanse Taalmonument and the Paarl Amphitheatre. The language museum is situated at 11 Pastorie Avenue, in the former home of Gideon Malherbe, a founder member of the Society of True Afrikaners (GRA). The amphitheatre and the monument are situated against the southern slope of Paarl Mountain . The monument portrays the growth of Afrikaans and gives recognition to the diverse roots of the language from Africa, Europe and Asia.

The museum and monument have been in operation since 1975. After two years of self-government, ownership of the ATM was transferred to the state in 1977. Today, the ATM is a public entity governed by a council which is appointed by the national Department of Arts and Culture. It receives an annual subsidy from this department and generates additional revenue through sponsorships, donations, entrance fees, facility hire, product sales, and events.

As an inclusive institution, the ATM strives for all South Africans to respect and appreciate Afrikaans. In this spirit, the ATM works hard to encourage and support Afrikaans among the youth and non-mother-tongue speakers. The ATM constantly endeavours to establish mutual respect between Afrikaans and other indigenous languages by, among other things, acknowledging and exhibiting the mutual influence of different languages on each other.

Functions/ mandate:

The institution’s main functions are to gather relevant material and information; conduct research on Afrikaans; portray the origin, development, use and growth of Afrikaans through exhibitions, lectures and articles; offer educational programmes, guided tours and cultural activities; and to preserve the ATM’s cultural history heritage sites, as well as the legacy of Afrikaans itself.

Contact details:

Tel:  021 863 4809/0543 (Taalmonument)

Tel:  021 872 3441 (Taalmuseum)

E-mail: admin@taalmuseum.co.za

Web: http://taalmuseum.co.za

Twitter: Taalmonument
Facebook: Taalmonument (en Taalmuseum)

Postal address: PO Box 498, Paarl 7620

Physical Address: 11 Pastorie Avenue, Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa
GPS coordinates: 33° 44' 03.30" S 18° 57' 48.46" E

Operating hours and days:

Taalmonument:  Mon to Sun 08:00-17:00 (extended until 20:00 from Dec to March)

Taalmuseum: Mon to Fri 08:30-16:30

Western Cape