9. What are some of the advances in Social Cohesion and Nation Building since 1994?

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Much has been done but there is still great work that lies ahead. The relatively peaceful transition achieved by the democratic breakthrough saw the free and fair election of representatives to all levels of government. This has contributed in a big towards moving towards a non-racial, non-sexist society. Some of the advances that have been made are the following:

  • General elections held on schedule and orderly manner that consolidates democracy.
  • Constitutional democracy based on the rule of law
  • Legislatures at all three levels of government where representation is contested in an unrestricted multi-party system
  • Apartheid geography has been abolished together with the physical segregation of the people along racial and ethnic lines.
  • An independent and free country made up of diverse people
  • Economic opportunity to access resources
  • All languages, cultures and religions enjoy constitutional protection
  • Single national education system
  • Equality of all persons across race, gender and culture