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The Department of Arts and Culture is an equal opportunity affirmative action employer and it is the intention of the Department to promote representatively in the Public Sectorthrough the filling of these posts. Persons whose transfer / promotion / appointment willpromote representatively will therefore receive preference. An indication in this regardwill expedite the processing of applications. People with disabilities are encourage toapply

Applications must be submitted on Form Z83, obtainable from any Government departmentor online at ALL sections of the Z83 must be completed and signed.

The application form should be accompanied by a comprehensive CV (including two
recent and contactable referees) and ORIGINAL CERTIFIED copies of the applicant’sID and all relevant educational qualifications. It is the applicant’s responsibility to haveforeign qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA)prior to the selection process. Applicants applying for more than one post must submita separate Z83 form (as well as the documentation mentioned above) in respect ofeach post being applied for. If an applicant wishes to withdraw an application it must bedone in writing. Failure to submit the required documentation will automatically disqualifyapplications. No faxes or e-mails will be accepted.

The Department reserves the right not to fill the above-mentioned post(s).
• Applicants must note that further checks will be conducted oncethey are shortlisted and that their appointment is subject to positive outcome of thesechecks, which include security clearances, vetting, qualifications and employment historyverification, identity and criminal records
• Successful candidates will be required to signa performance agreement within three (3) months of assumption of duty.


Please forward your application, quoting the relevant reference number and the nameof this publication to: The Chief Director: Human Resource Management, Departmentof Arts and Culture, Private Bag X897, Pretoria, 0001. Applications can also be handdelivered to the Department of Arts and Culture, Kingsley Centre, 2nd Floor, Cnr Churchand Beatrix Streets, Arcadia, Pretoria.

There are currently no advertised vacancies at DAC


DAC annual internship intake availability status

Internships intake for the year 2016/2017 has been concluded on 5 August 2016. The advertisements for internships are made by means of print media/national newspapers and DAC website and social media platforms. The departmental recruitment and selection processes apply.

Duration:The Programme will run for a period of 12 months.


The Department of Arts and Culture offers internship opportunities to graduates seeking to gain work experience through internship program that focuses mainly on the fields of arts, culture, heritage and language.

The purpose of the internship program is to establish an effective system for continuous development of qualified, skilled and experienced candidates for future appointments and mobility in both the public and private sector and also to enhance youth development and employability, and foster skills transfer from the DAC staff to interns.

The objectives of the internship program are to:

a)    provide graduates with  practical working experience in the field of arts, culture, heritage and language;

b)    ensure that graduates develop skills and techniques directly applicable to their career;

c)    empower graduates in developing attitudes conducive to effective interpersonal relationships;

d)    increase their sense of responsibility;

e)    prepare graduates to enter into full-time employment in their area of specialization; and

f)     enhance advancement possibilities for graduates.

Procedures and information to apply

Who is eligible to apply?

Unemployed graduates who have successfully completed a 3 year Degree or  National Diploma in any field specified below and who are between the ages of 18 and 35 years may apply. Students that still need to finish or qualify for a degree or National Diploma should not apply.

The Department of Arts and Culture is an equal opportunity affirmative action employer. Qualifying people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Monthly stipend: R4000.00 per month

DAC offers internships in the following fields:

1. National Archives and Film Archives
Ref: 01
3 year Degree/Diploma In: Archival Studies, Museum, Heritage, History, Library Information, or equivalent

Number of opportunities:2

2. InternationalRelations
Ref: 02
3 year Degree/Diploma in International Relations, Politics or equivalent

Number of opportunities:2

3. Directorate: NationalLanguage Service
Ref: 03
3 year Degree/Diploma in:
Language Practice, Translation,Terminology,
Language Planning and Tenninology, Linguistics or equivalent
Number of opportunities: 5
4. Directorate: Cultural Development
3 year Degree/Diploma in:
• Performing Arts, Music,Dance,Drama, equivalent
• Fine Arts,Crafts or equivalent or equivalent
• Arts Management
• Arts Education
Number of opportunities:3
5. Directorate:Human Resource Management
Ref: 05
3 year Degree/Diploma in Human Resource
Management, Public Administration or equivalent
Number of opportunities:1
6. Directorate:SocialCohesion & Target Group
Ref: 06
3 year/Degree/Diploma in:
Drama, Music, VisualArts, Heritage, equivalent
Gender and SocialDevelopment or equivalent
Number of opportunities:2
7. Directorate:Risk Management
Ref: 07
3 year Degree/Diploma in:
Risk Management, Commerce ,Auditing or equivalent
Number of opportunities:1
8. Directorate: Heritage Promotion
Ref: 08
3 year Degree/Diploma in:
Heritage Studies, equivalent History or equivalent
Number of oportunities: 3
9. Directorates: Financial Admin/Management
Ref: 09
3 year Degree/Diploma in Finance, Economics or equivalent
Number of opportunities:1
10. Directorate: Supply chain Management
Ref: 10
3 year Degree/Diploma in Purchasing
Management, Supply Chain Management, Public
Management or equivalent
Number of opportunities:1
11. Directorate: Communications and Marketing
Ref: 11
3 year Degree/Diploma in Information Technology, Software Development, Web and Application Development or equivalent
Number of opportunities:1
12. Directorate: Communications and Marketing
Ref: 12
3 year Degree/Diploma in:
• Communication, Journalism, Public Relations, equivalent
• Marketing, Events Management
Number of opportunlties:1
13. Directorate: Information Technology
Ret 13
3 year Degree/Diploma in Information Technology, Software Development, Web and Application Development or equivalent
Number of opportunities:1

Applications for the internship should include the following information to be considered:

  • A completed Application Form
  • Curriculum Vitae with contact details
  • Certified copies of qualifications/certificates
  • Certified copy of identity document

The call for applications is usually sent out every year.

For more information contact the Department of Arts and Culture at:

Tel: 012 4413486

Switch Board: 012 4413000

Internships intake for the year 2016/2017 closed on 5 Aug 2016


1.     Eligibility

  • South African citizens with a valid ID number residing in the Republic of South Africa and who qualify for admission to a University.
  • Applicants will be considered on their latest academic results/record.
  • If you are already studying towards a degree course for which you are applying for a bursary, you must have passed all courses for which you have registered at the university for the study period already completed with an average of 60%.
  • Applications must be for full time studies towards an academic degree at an accredited South African university.


2.     Value o Bursaries
The value of the bursary for full-time undergraduate/diploma studies comprise of the following:

  • Boarding/residential

In the case of bursary holders residing with their parents/guardians or privately, a stipend is granted.
In the case of students residing in official University residences, full residence fees are paid to the relevant institution (meals included)

  • Tuition and registration fees

Tuition and registration fees are fully paid.
NB: The bursary may also be awarded for the purpose of acquiring a post-graduate qualification in order to obtain a prescribed professional status (depending on the availability of funds).
Bursaries are renewable annually, subject to acceptable proof of progress from the institution.

3.      Procedure for Transfer of Bursary Funds
Bursary payments are made directly to institutions in accordance with the rules of the University and the Department stated in a Memorandum of Agreement.

4.       Institutions
Applicants may enrol at any accredited South African University.


5.      Field Of Study
Fields of study in which bursaries are awarded have to be directly related to heritage, and will only include the following:

  • Museum studies
  • Conservation studies (cultural and nature)
  • Archaeological studies
  • Anthropological studies
  • Archival Records and management
  • Heritage Resources Management
  • Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS)


6.      Repayment of Bursaries
Bursars may be expected to remain in the employ of the heritage sector for a period equal to the number of years of awarded bursary. Such employment is subject to the availability of positions, to the normal selection procedures and salary and employment conditions. The Department does not undertake to place any bursary holder to any position.


7.     Experiential Training
The Department does not undertake to provide experiential training for bursars and should such an opportunity be available e.g. internships bursary holders will not be given special treatment but will be expected to apply and compete like everyone else.

8.    Application and Selection
It will be expected of (shortlisted) applicants to attend an interview.
Applicants will be notified of the results of their application as soon as possible after interviews.

9.     Closing Date for Applications
Applications for 2017 are not open yet until further notice

10.   Enquiries
The Heritage Bursaries,
Department of Arts and Culture,
Private Bag X897,
Tel: 012 441 3476/0

Bursaries for Language Practice Studies
The mandate of the Department of Arts and Culture (DAC) is to manage and facilitate
training programmes to implement the NLPF in compliance with the legislative mandate.
Access to bursary scheme
DAC advertises the bursary scheme in national newspapers and invites institutions to
apply. Interested ones are requested to submit their academic profiles and business plans outliningtheir language study programmes and overall costs.
. The study programmes must be incompliance with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) requirements. On
receiving applications, a selection committee screens the study programmes and verifies
their SAQA accreditation. Based on the suitability of the programmes and their set standards in a given cycle,recommendations for selection are made.

Selected institutions administer the bursaries themselves which includes student admissions and bursary awards.

Standard training requirements in language practice
• Translation and Editing
• Interpreting
• Lexicography
• Terminology Development and Management
• Language Planning
• Human Language Technologies
• Document design and Editing
• Linguistic Theory (compulsory)

DAC avails funding to selected institutions at the beginning of each academic year in a
given cycle. Students are therefore expected to apply directly to selected institutions.
For further information, please contact: National Language Service Tel: (012) 441 3252;

Heritage bursaries