Community Conversations

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Prior to the National Social Cohesion Summit which was held in Kliptown, Soweto, from 4-5 July 2012, the Department had initiated a project on developing a National Strategy on Social Cohesion, which was to form the basis for Summit discussions. In developing the strategy, consultations with the wider South African society had to be done, and their comments and inputs to be added into the document. To gather these comments the department had to conduct a nation-wide campaign, holding community conversations or dialogues. Comments from these community conversations were incorporated into the National Social Cohesion strategy and informed discussions in the National Social Cohesion Summit.

The community conversations are an on-going project. The National Social Cohesion Summit drafted and adopted a twelve (12) point’s declaration which informed the Social Cohesion implementation or operational plan. Inter alia, the declaration resolved that South Africa has, “to convene a national social cohesion report-back and monitoring summit in 2014 when we celebrate 20 years of our freedom and democracy, and thereafter at five-year intervals progress”. This meant that the department had to report back to communities on how to implement the summit resolutions and make inputs for the 2014 National Social Cohesion report back summit.

A nation-building project management manual and toolkit for application at all levels of society is being developed by the Department. This nation-building project management manual and toolkit will assist in creating awareness and encourage people implement the resolutions of the national Social Cohesion Summit. It is meant to provide step-by-step guidelines on how to manage and implement the summit resolutions.