Media Statement by Minister of Arts and Culture on the limited participation of South African and African Artists at the June 10 concert at Orlando Stadium

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26 Mar 2010

The Ministry of Arts and Culture supports the outcry from artists about the dearth of South African and African artists at the June 10th concert in Orlando Stadium.

It is not fair that mainly artists from outside the country and the continent should welcome our guests. FIFA should recognise that there are a number of internationally acclaimed South African artists. We cannot condone South African artists being marginalised in their own motherland.

The artists are justified in expressing their grievances about their marginalisation by FIFA.

It is unacceptable that the publicised line-up has only a few South Africans and artists from the rest of the continent. South African artists in particular and African artists in general should play a leading role in this event.

The South African government has declared that this is an African World Cup, since this is the first Soccer World Cup on African soil.

We are calling for an urgent meeting so that we can engage with the LOC on this concert.

Enquiries: Lisa Combrinck
082 821 4886
Mack Lewele 082 450 5076