Media Statement by the Minister of Arts and Culture, Paul Mashatile on the Creative Industries Federation of South Africa

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19 Mar 2014

Appointment to the Interim Executive Committee to work towards the establishment of a Creative Industries’ Federation     

In 2009, President Jacob Zuma, met with local artists as part of understanding their challenges and finding comprehensive responses to those challenges. At that historic meeting it was agreed, among others, that there is a need to organise the sector, invest in its development and address funding alignment for the sector.

Subsequent to this meeting, in 2011, the Department of Arts and Culture convened a National Summit on the Role of the Arts, Culture and Heritage Sector in the Economy. Held at the Newtown Cultural Precinct, the Summit sought to find ways of up-scaling and increasing investment in the sector through the Mzansi Golden Economy strategy.

I am pleased, and encouraged, that the creative and cultural industries now form part of the Industrial Policy Action Plan 2 (IPAP2), which means it is now agreed, in the country, that our creative sector plays a significant role in the economy.

I am also aware that the biggest challenge facing the sector is continued fragmented. Consequently, my Department and I have, in the last few months, been engaging on how best to address this challenge. Our intervention included the appointment of two major tasks teams: the Music Industry (II) and the Local Content Development Task Teams, working with the Departments of Trade and Industry, Communication and the South African Broadcasting Cooperation.

Having received and considered the preliminary work of the Local Content Development Task Team and the Music Industry Task Team II and noting their observation that the biggest challenge in the creative sector is fragmentation, I have decided, in consultation with members of the creative sector, to appoint an Interim Executive Committee which will work towards the establishment of a fully-fledged Federation of the Creative Industries. This Federation will represent all sectors including music, film and broadcasting, publishing, visual arts, crafts, performing arts and design, amongst others.

We are embarking on this approach in order to assist in the formalisation of the sector as an industry, a role player in the economy and to create an enabling environment for the growth of the sector and to make it easier to fund.

The approach of organising the sector in this manner is common practice globally. This is evident in the UK, USA, Australia and now counties like China, South Korea are following in this trend.

We are also embarking on this journey, because this sector contributes to the economy and more importantly towards Nation Building and Social Cohesion.

It is therefore my pleasure to appoint you as a member of the Interim Committee and believe that your expertise and knowledge of the sector will enhance the work of the Committee.

Please indicate your acceptance of this appointment by signing below and returning the signed copy to:

I would also like to invite you to attend the inaugural meeting of the SA Creative Industry Federation, which will be held on 20th March 2014 at the Market Theatre Newtown Precinct starting at 08:30.

Enquiries: Mogomotsi Mogodiri,, 0716874984 / 0836965771.