Minister Lulu Xingwana meets LOC CEO Dr Danny Jordaan about the June 10 Concert

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01 Apr 2010

PRETORIA: The Minister of Arts and Culture, Ms Lulu Xingwana, today met Dr Danny Jordaan, CEO of the LOC, and other LOC officials to discuss concerns around the dearth of South African and African artists participating in the FIFA June 10 concert at Orlando Stadium.

Representatives of concerned artists who also attended the meeting included the President and Secretary General of the Creative Workers Union of South Africa (CWUSA), Mr Mabutho Sithole and Mr Oupa Lebogo respectively, as well as Mr Don Laka and Ms Florence Masebe.

Minister Xingwana told the meeting that the artistic programme for the 2010 World Cup should reflect an African and South African identity and that South Africans had taken on this task with the view of showcasing arts and culture in the country and on the continent to the world.

CWUSA expressed their concerns that the artists’ line-up announced for the June 10th concert at Orlando Stadium should have more representation of South African and African artists. Minister Xingwana also indicated that she shared artists’ concerns that there needed to be more South African and African artists at the June 10 concert.

The CEO of the LOC, Dr Danny Jordaan, also shared the view that the arts and culture programme for the 2010 World Cup should project an African experience to the world. Dr Jordaan indicated that it would be important to take the concerns of artists further with FIFA and the organizers.

Dr Jordaan immediately requested a meeting with FIFA and the concert organizers. The meeting is scheduled to happen within two weeks time.

The Ministry of Arts and Culture and the union will be part of this meeting to discuss the June 10 line-up.

Until such time as the meeting will take place, Dr Jordaan got the undertaking from FIFA that no further announcements on the artists’ line-up for the June 10 concert will be made.

The President of CWUSA, Mr Mabutho Sithole, expressed his satisfaction with the processes to be followed and thanked Minister Xingwana and Dr Jordaan for their concerns about the matter.

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