Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture meets Interim Board and Members Council ahead of CSA’s Annual General Meeting

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10 Jun 2021

Last night, Minister Nathi Mthethwa hosted a meeting with representatives of the Interim Board (IB) and the Members Council (MC) to get a final update on arrangements for this Saturday’s Cricket SA Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Cricket SA’s Mr Rihan Richards indicated that there remained a difference in interpretation between the IB and the MC on the process of  “appointing” as opposed to “electing” the 8 Independent members of the new board. While the differing interpretation invited the risk of undoing ground that had already been covered through the acceptance of the principle of a “majority-independent” board, further clarification was provided by a legal and governance expert who had been part of the advisory team, who supported the process. The expert, together with the IB, led the process of explaining that the initial board, being a transitional one, would be “appointed” by the independent panel that was set up for that purpose, whilst a different process would apply to subsequent boards.

Explaining the purpose of the meeting, Minister Mthethwa said, ”With the amount of time and expense devoted to the process of reforming the sport, it was important for me to conduct a final check with the Cricket SA Acting President and Interim Board Chair, on how arrangements for the much-awaited AGM are progressing and whether there are any surprises I should expect before then. Thankfully, through the meeting, I think i was able to provide both the IB and MC another opportunity and platform to clarify any points of difference that still existed, in an attempt to clear the path to a successful AGM, to which I have been invited.”

It is believed that the explanations given will go a long way towards assuring the MC that they remain an integral part of the process.

Lastly, it is worth noting that the Cricket SA Interim Board will, this Friday, be presenting the Minister with their final report and recommendations in terms of the mandate given to them at the start of the reform process.

Media Enquiries:

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