Remarks by the Minister Paul Mashatile, on the occasion of the handing over of the Report of the National Summit on Social Cohesion, S.M Makgatho Presidnetial Guest House

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27 Nov 2012

Programme Director, the Deputy Minister of Arts and Culture, Dr Joe Phaahla
His Excellency, the President of the Republic of South Africa, President Jacob Zuma
Judge Yvonne Mokgoro and all our Social Cohesion Advocates here present
Senior Managers from government
Our partners in implementing the programme of Social Cohesion
Honoured Guests
Ladies and Gentlemen:

Mr President, here with me to present the report on the outcomes of the social cohesion summit are our Social Cohesion Advocates, imminent persons drawn from a variety of sectors within our society.  

From time to time we will continue to draw on their wisdom and expertise as we implement the programme of building an inclusive, caring and proud nation.    

Mr. President, we are presenting this report to you and the nation as part of implementing the decisions taken at the National Summit on Social Cohesion, convened in July this year.

We are doing this also as part of ensuring that the outcomes of the summit are not only part of government programmes but are embraced and supported by the entire South African nation.

Mr. President our next step is to present to both Cabinet and Parliament on the outcomes of the summit so that they will be fully integrated into the work of government broadly, including in the National Development Plan.

We will also roll out a massive communications and community mobilization programme to promote our shared such as; Ubuntu, Unity in diversity, redress and transformation, human rights and equality, social solidarity, inclusivity and social justice,

In addition we are working with faith based organizations, women, youth, business and civil society in general to implement specific programmes geared at promoting nation building and social cohesion.

We will also strengthen our programme of community dialogues at provincial and municipal levels.

These dialogues will also target minority groups such as the Nama, the Khoi and the San people with a view to promoting their culture and knowledge systems.
Furthermore, we will convene a National Social Cohesion Report back and Monitoring Summit to coincide with the 20th Anniversary of our freedom and democracy.

As we present this report today, we do so fully aware that the task of nation building, promoting social cohesion, reconciliation and national healing must be thorough going.

It cannot be done overnight. It will require joint action by all South Africans. Indeed it is the responsibility of all us to work together.

We are confident, more over that the spirit of unity, mutual respect, understanding and a willingness to work together among all South Africans, a spirit that was so evident during the Summit, will assist us in fully implementing the programme of action we agreed to.
Mr. President, the programme emerging from the summit seeks to move our country further along the path towards a truly united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous society.   

It is a collective expression by all South Africans to work together to build a society where there is respect, equality and human dignity for all. 

It is our commitment as a nation to promote freedom, the rule of law and democracy, improve the material well being of all citizens and ensure economic justice.

We trust that the step we are today taking of handing over the report of the National Summit on Social Cohesion to the nation will propel our country further along the path of social inclusion, national unity and pride as well as prosperity for all.

Mr President it is my honour to hand over the report of our National Summit on Social Cohesion to you.

I would also like to invite Judge Mokgoro to do the hand over.

Thank you.