Statement by Deputy Minister Rejoice Mabudafhasi on financial support to Tshwane School of Music, Eersterust

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17 Nov 2016

Tshwane School of Music like many other Community Arts Centres operates under very difficult conditions and resources are always insufficient for them to fully discharge their role in communities.

The Department of Arts and Culture remain committed to support and enhance programmes in Community Arts Centres in the current Medium Term Strategic Framework (MTSF). We understand that programming and efficient management of Community Arts Centres is key to the sustainability of these facilities.

Hence we are here to officially announce the R1 million financial support to Tshwane School of Music to cover the operations of the school.

The Department of Arts and Culture through the Mzansi Golden Economy strategic investment approach seeks to reposition the arts, culture and heritage sector as the key players in government’s programme of action towards creation of sustainable jobs, audience and skills development, social and economic development of the sector.

Through the Mzansi Golden Economy Open Call process we are establishing a Debut Fund that creates opportunities for young artists to publish their first book, produce their first play, cut their first album or host their first exhibition.

Music is one of the most powerful forms of art in the world, it can reach across time, language, culture and geographic location to tell compelling stories and spark debate. For many, music defines a generation, and our role in the Department of Arts and Culture is to create platforms for telling the stories that will record our journey.

President Mandela once said “Artists reach areas far beyond the reach of politicians. Art, especially entertainment and music, is understood by everybody, and it lifts the spirits and the morale of those who hear it.”

The Music School provides an opportunity for children who would never be able to access music programmes from their schools or at home. 

The role that this programme plays include training, ensuring that young people  do not loiter the streets, provide opportunities for participation in the arts for employment, income generation, arts education, recreation and cultural enrichment.

In order to nurture these centres in becoming vibrant spaces for the arts, the refurbishment of a number of centres has begun. Through a continued focus on community arts, more centres will be refurbished and programming supported across the country.

Tshwane school of Music is one of the few arts centres that are run professionally and its Music programme is accredited. 

In October, I visited Kuwait for heritage celebrations and strengthening cultural collaborations. I was accompanied by crafters and visual artists and Joe Nina. 

They further requested that I bring youth groups in 2017 as they will be celebrating youth. I have recommended Tshwane School of Music as one of the groups that will visit Kuwait and perform in 2017. They will cover all the costs. My office has already sent your the profile in Kuwait. We are waiting for their final approval.

I am looking forward to see best of the best artists in different genres brewed from Tshwane Music School competing nationally and internationally.  I thank you.