Statement on PANSALB Legal Fees

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20 Mar 2020

The existence of the Pan South African Language Board derives its mandate from the primary law of the land, the 1996 Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

Section 6, of chapter one, the Constitution says the following amongst others: “A Pan South African Language Board established by national legislation must promote, and create conditions for, the development of all languages…” 

Over the period of time, we have observed that PANSALB has been doing everything but promotion and development of languages.

The Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture, Hon. Nathi Mthethwa has been seriously concerned with the challenges that have been experienced by this critical institution in our democratic system.

Having observed these challenges, the Minister took drastic steps to correct the situation and had this to say: “in March of 2019, I appointed a new board at Pan South African Laguage Board (PANSALB) with the sole aim to bring the institution to do what the Constitution has mandated it to do”.  

Since the new board was appointed almost a year ago great strides have been made to turn the institution around and restore PanSALB to its mandate.

Minister goes on to note the following: “Over the last five years ending in 2019 alone more than R21 Million has been spent on legal fees. The board understood that this is not sustainable and it has to stop”. says Minister Mthethwa.

We have observed PANSALB hard at work, working with Parliament in commencing the process of having the 12th Language (Sign Langauge) unde this administration, together with the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture hosted a successful gathering to celebrate International Mother Language Day in Mfolozi, KZN and the closing of Indigenous Languages year celebration.   

The board has taken seriously note of the weaknesses of the previous era which was consequent management. So far, it has dealt with five disciplinary cases where it was successful in three of those and settled two and no losses to date. We will continue to monitor its work and cooperate with it in order to promote all languages especially the indigenous languages.

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Issued by the Department of  Sports, Arts & Culture