Deputy Minister Speeches 2020 - 2015

06 Jun 2016

The people of every great country are bonded by their history.Their cultural landscape is enriched by the patina of the buildings, monuments, sites and other places of meaning which reflect the events and layers of experiences and processes throughout the centuries.

02 Jun 2016

This modular library is here for you to use in developing yourself and acquiring knowledge which you will carry with you forever. The love of books is better instilled at a young age, therefore I advice parents to read to their children daily from an early age.

31 May 2016

Africa should rise against the inhumane treatment meted out to our brothers and sisters with Albinism. No child of Africa should fear for their lives because they are born with Albinism.

16 May 2016

We need to build a culture of inclusivity and collective beneficiation as an integral part of our endeavours in the development of the continent.

10 May 2016

I am proud to announce that on 4th June 2016 we will hand-over a Modular Library to the Nkuri community as a short-term solution whilst we are building a brick and mortar library through the community library conditional grant.

09 May 2016

I am delighted to be part of this august occasion of the 2016 National Archives Awareness Week under the theme “Archives for the protection of human rights, transparency and good governance”.

14 Mar 2016

The theme for this year’s edition of the festival, “Decolonising the Book” resonates with the strategic objectives of the Department of Arts and Culture.We espouse a book sector that is diverse and seeks to cultivate equitable growth of all South African languages.

23 Feb 2016

I am very much delighted to be invited here to address a special breed of people in our society, who endeavour to make the world a slightly smaller place by breaking down language barriers and allowing great literature to be enjoyed far more widely.

10 Dec 2015

It is in this month that South Africans from all walks of life, black and white, men and women, young and old are encouraged to reach out to one another as we continue to work together to build a united and prosperous nation.

10 Dec 2015

The founding father of our nation, Tata Madiba, once said:“We were expected to destroy one another and ourselves collectively in the worst racial conflagration. Instead, we as a people chose the path of negotiation, compromise and peaceful settlement. Instead of hatred and revenge we chose reconciliation and nation-building.”